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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love writing, I really do.I've been told my writing is okay,Could be better,even good, ;been told I should extend my limits.. whatever that means.. 
Now,I move  in circles that reqire me to be in daily contact with good writers,some gifted; some execellent and they all share a common trait. They more often than not,will not help you develop your writing skills;What they do?  Oh they'd point out your faults, make you feel you're grasping at straws and at that point when you need guidance or should say redemption?,They leave you hanging.. 
 They'd give you a piece they worked on while they were still nobodies just to let you know that even then, you are no match to them and that you are way out of your league.
  I've seen them, I've seen them all..
Poets?Give a gifted poet your work to go over.. give you a candid opinion?You know what he does? He  gives you his piece to show you that he can think deeper and in that deep thinking,is creative enough to as to put those words  together in such a way as to appeal even to you thus making you feel awe, yet silly for ever thinking you could be a poet.
  They are all selfish egoistic bastards!
Look,I don't care what you say... This my blog;You either love me or hate me; Acknowledge me or ignore me.. either way,I'd still be me.. 
My blog is all about giving you tips,remedies,solutions, answers to whatever ails you,be able to talk about anything.But I've discovered that I cannot conform myself and my wrting to my original concept... I have to diversify.I'm evolving.. So, yeah evolve with me.. You're not lost;You're still in the right place- FREE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS.
I just got in to this new relationship.(I've not had one in a while) And I'm actually rough around the edges.I find that the excitement I used to feel way back about being in " something new",I no longer have it.He's an extremely busy person and so am I ,even more so.
  The truth?I just don't know what to do anymore.. I don't even know how to act with a man!Surprised ?! I? A woman?cannot handle a man?A laugh right? I wonder if I'm capable of feeling anything..I just guess I should give it time.
    Today,I just want to feel sorry for myself,nag,complain.. Guess I'm feeling a lil disatisfied with life.. Why?Bites me.
My boss owes me lots of arrears of salary and now he seems to have gotten it into his head to pay me in bits and pieces! On facebook,while my friends herald their status updates with expectation of a paycheck or actual celebration of getting a paycheck, I sink deeper into debt and in the realisation that even my arrears might not be paid.. 
My boss has a mistress.Everyday we make money and I just don't know how that lady gets to know when we make money;not only that she brings her folks...Suffice it to say my boss is the breadwinner of that family.
   That brings me to a close friend of mine,He works under a private entepreneur who also shares the same indiscipline as my boss. Now this wonderful friend of mine is an engineer.His boss gets contracts,gets paid for it but squanders the money and hasn't paid his employees for months. My friend barely has a job and to make matters worse,he's just been evicted from his apartment.
He had to distribute his household property to the homes of friends who agreed to acomodate his things. (you know not all friends will help you out) and now he's squatting . I forgot to tell you that his car is at the mechanic's.. Please pray for him on my behalf.. Just help me pray...
 Beside my office is an eatry,a restaurant that half the coporate world around the vicinity where I work,patronise-I always go there.. Why? Hey you don't know.. Just don't assume right now okay?I'd let you know in my next post. Plus expect in my next blog,to know  5 MORE THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH HONEY...
keep a date with me will ya?.. love you all.. 

Monday, January 25, 2010


continued from last post;
Even my chykers sent without my asking.Now?For where?!Nw I can't even dream of it-It's like I'm dumb or No, that's not it,It's a fruitless attempt asking-The frowns,excuses,insults even,I've advised myself to work harder,make my own money.Na wa!
-I wish I was younger- I had loads of admirers,In school I was so hot, outside, I effortlessly held my own- friends used me to boast-My phones rang ceaselessly.Now?How many chykers do I have?I can count them off on my fingers and they're unserious at that.Every now and then,I have to give them a reminder call that "i'm still here oh" Chei!my own don finish!
-I used to have a killer shape, now I have to work so hard to keep it and intermittedly,I lose it or God smiles on me and I lose some pounds but I have to work so hard at it, damn!
-I just wish that when a friend 's getting married they'd just stop gloating over it;It pisses me off!
We know you're getting married, leave us spinsters in peace!Haba!Time was when I used to be able to eat and drink at weddings without having constipation,Now, I don't get covert glances but glares like... " when will it be your turn?it's your mates wedding that you're eating like a glutton"
The anties and uncles don't help matters,After the initial pleasantries, then straight to the point "when are we coming?"The pressure is just too much!please they should leave me alone!Did I tell you my dad banned me from sewing "aso-ebi"?That half my boxes were filled with such clothes?He also banned me from going to weddings, saying,I'm now a familiar face at weddings ,hence I rarely attend weddings-hmm!only me!
   I could write a book on my wishes..my wouldas,couldas and should have 'beens'. spanning to 1st,2nd and 3rd editions-but what do you wish for?Tell me yours, I'm sure they're not as silly as mine.. 

Friday, January 22, 2010


Never gave a thought to that addage  "Be careful for what you wish for or you may........"Well, whatever,'can't remember it all. Fill in the blank spaces.. 
   Okay here it goes..
-I wish I was 18years old again and a fresh man,.. *wink wink*.....(batting my eyelashes)
-I wish I never lost my virginity then I could proudly tell my husband to- be that I'm a virgin and he'd value me ,love me more(Eyes rolling), I know!
- Wish I could go back 6years in my life, then I'd use less make-up than I do now,which I do to cover up the imperfections and agelines(lol), Couple of years back, I made up to look older.Now, I gotta or I'd just cause accidents with my ugliness.
-I wish guys will stop asking me how old I am!You know all about people hookup?phone talk?,internet chat?,aha!all those getting to know each other gist.. well when I'm asked,I simply say I'm in my 20's and these guys are not just satisfied!What?they just want to hear me say it?Please!It's bad enough that I'm dangerously approaching 30 and that my biological clock's ticking, but to dwell on it?remind me?Take me back there?That's plain torture!
-I wish that I was still a student an didn't have to work for money.Then,all I needed to do was ask my folks, uncles,aunts,family friends even chykers

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Man:"Love is like the  little red toy wagon you get for christmas or your sixth birthday.
        It makes you deliriously happy and you just can't leave it alone.But sooner or
         later the wheels come off.Then you leave it in a corner and forget it.Falling
         in love is great.Being in love is a disaster."

Man1"What about women,do you think they feel the same way since they claim to
            think as men think?"

Man  " Women's lib think that we have power and control over their lives. In it's way
            that's as stupid as a guy's thinking women are purer sexually than men.Women will
            fuck  anybody , anytime, anyplace, except that they're afraid of talk. Women's Lib
            bullshits about the fraction of a percent of men who have power .
             Those guys are not men.They're not even  human- That's whose place women have to take.
             They don't know you have to  kill to get there".
 Man1  "You're on of those men"

Man      "Yeah,And metaphorically I had to kill.What women will get is what men have.
                  Which is shit.Ulcers  and heart attacks.Plus a lot of shitty jobs men hate to do.
                   But I'm all for equality.I'll kill those cunts then.Listen,I'm paying alimony to
                   four healthy broads who can earn their own living.All because they are not equal.

                  Never treat a woman too good.
                Women stick with drunks, gamblers, whore masters and even beater-uppers-
                 They can't stand a sweet good guy.Do you know why?They get bored.
                  They don't want to be happy.It's boring"
               Being in love means making another person the central thing in your life.When that no longer
                exists,it's not love anymore.It's something else.Maybe something better,more practical.
                 Love is basically unfair, unstable, paranoid relationship.Men are worse than women at it.
                 A women an screw a hundred times, not feel like it once and he holds it against her.
                  But it's time that the first step downhill is when she doesn't want to have sex when you.
                      Listen,  there's no excuse.Never mind the headaches.No shit.Once a broad starts turning you
                  down in bed it's all over.Start looking for your backer-upper.Never take an excuse."

   When asked about orgasmic women,who could have 10 orgasms to a man's one,He waved it aside..
Man-  Women don't come like men, for them it's a little "phitt'.Not like guys. Guys realy blow
           their brains with their nuts. Freud was close, but he missed it.Men really fuck.Women don't.
           Young guys today are on the right track.They say t their broads, sure you can fuck anybody you want I'll still love you. They are so full of shit. Listen, any guy who knows a broad will fuck strangers thinks she's a geek"
                   (This comparism really offended and astonished me)
   Man- Most women are just full of shit.Maybe it's their fault.Listen, any broad who doesn't want to
              fuck two days in a row, get rid of her.Unless she has to go to the hospital in an ambulance.
              Even if she has forty stiches in her cunt. I don't care whether she enjoys it or not.Sometimes
              I don't enjoy it and I do it and I have to get a hard-on.That's your job if you love somebody,
              You gotta fuck their brains out.Jesus, I don't know why I keep getting married.I swore I wouldn't
               do it anymore, but I always get conned.I always believe it's not getting married that makes them
                unhappy,They are so full of shit.
                They forget they age worse than men.A guy at fifty can get a lot of young broads.A broad of fifty
                 finds it rough.Sure when they get political power, they'll pass a law so that men of forty or fifty
                get operated on to look older and equal things out. That's how democracy works.That's full
                of shit too.Listen,women have it good.They should not complain.
          "In the old days, they didn't know they had union rights.They couldn't be fired
           no matter how lousy a job they did.Lousy in bed.Lousy in the kitchen.And whoever
            had fun with his wife after a couple of years?And if he did, She was a cunt.
           And now, they want to be equal.Let me at 'em.. I've been married four times.
           And it cost me every penny I made"

Me-When you're in love with a woman, you're getting the best of it even though she's hustling you.You're the guy who's feeling great, you're the guy  who's enjoying every minute.She's the one who's having a lousy time. She's working... You're playing.So why complain when she finally dumps your ass and you know you've been conned?I'd say what goes around comes around.

So sorry guys, if you couldn't post a comment on  my blog.. can't even explain what happened..
Special thanks to Jobsfornaija, Removedmind and ofcourse,. Suru...i'm most grateful for letting me know I had a problem and jobsfornaija.. thanks again for your help.. thanks everyone for the calls too..
post your comments let me know what y'll think..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Man-"You women want equality and you don't even understand power play.Your whole card is your cunt,and you show it to your opponents face up.You give it away.And without your cunts you have no power at all.Men can live without affection but not without sex.Women have to have affection and can do without sex"

Women swarmed over him with furious protests.

Man-"Women are complaining about marriage when they are getting the best bargain they will ever get in their lives.Marriage is like those bonds you buy.There is inflation and there is devaluation.The value keeps going down and down for men.You know why?Women become less and less valuable as they grow older and then we're stuck with them like an old car. Women don't age well as men. Can you imagine a fifty- year old broad being able to con a twenty-year old kind in to bed?And very few women have the economic power to buy youth as men do."

Woman-"I have a twenty year old lover" She was a good-looking woman of about forty.

Man-He grinned at her wickedly, "I congratulate you" he said "But what about when you're fifty?with the young girls giving it away so easily you'll have to catch them coming out of grammar school and promise them a tan-speed bike.And do you think your young lovers fall in love with you as young women do with men?You haven't got that old freudian father image working for you as we men do.And I must repeat, a man at forty looks more attractive than he does at twenty.At fifty he can still be very attractive.It's biological.

Woman-"Bullshit" "Young girls make fools out of you old guys and you believe their bullshit.You're not any more attractive,you just have more power.And you have all the laws on your side,When we change that, we change everything.

Man-"Sure ,you'll get laws passed so that men will have to get operations to make themselves look uglier when they get older.In the name of fair ply and equal rights.You may even get our balls cut off legally.That doesn't change the truth now"
"You know the worst line of poetry?Browing."Grow old along with me!The best is yet to be......."

Woman- "You have such a great track record with women,what's the secret of your success?"
                               Laughter (Everyone)
Man has been married and divorced five times.

Man-"I tell them it has to be a hundred percent my way and no percent their way before they move in with me.They understand their position and accept.I always tell them that when they are no longer satisfied with the arrangement,to just move out.No arguments,no exceptions,no negotiations,just leave.And I can't understand it.They say Yes when they move in,and then they break the rules.They try to get ten percent their way.And when they don't get it, they start a fight.

Woman-"What a marvelous proposition","And what do they get in return?"

Man-Looking around with a perfectly straight face, he said "A fair fuck"

 Some of the ladies began  to boor..

 Hiya.. what did you think of this?please, send in your opinion let me know what your feelings are..
I'll be back with MAN'S WORLD (Prt2)

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello, friends, fiends, lovers, pepperbodys,admirers...hmmmm..  everyone, infact.I promised myself. I won't be cheeky this year.. but  I don't really fare well with resolutions,resolves, if I must marry this year(lol) I'm told that I curb that attitude,that that's my biggest flaw..Imagine!So I can't  be myself again 'cause I dey find husband huh?Abegi!fi mi sile jo!
Anyway, ladies, guys, you gotta try.. be better this year.. make an effort.. If not for you, then for those around you... those, who care about you, who you hurt by your actions or your indifference.. So what's up?Honestly, my blog's giving  me wahala oh.. all the blogs i'm following, I can no longer see.They've all been deleted.. which kain thing be this?!
       Anyhow, it's been so crazy for me since this new year,work n all.... not been able to give you all that you've been waiting for and I'm sorry for that.. won't happen again.. I missed you all, my cute followers, bloggers, hookers(blog hookers, I mean.. lol..)and your yarns..kept thinking of you,was so lonely out there without y'll .. I'd give you what you need.. love you..