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Friday, October 29, 2010


Yay! It's my 100th post people and I don't have anything to say to you except that I love to bits and I have grown to know my source through you; all that I am and would always be has been through my constant communication with you.
I love you so much blogsville that it brings out the best in me, brings out the creativity and essence in me. I thank God and you all so much for bringing me to this place. This place filled with so much passion, love, friendship, care, support, loyalty and encouragement.

In the same vein, I want to appreciate STING on her birthday today and wish her the very best..The lady is one passionate lady who shows me that there's more to a woman even more than most of us can phantom. She's so friendly and quick to render help when needed. I love her, I really do. Happy birthday dear.
And now here's the part2 of the ongoing series which I have put up for Myne Whitman, showing you the extent of what I learnt from her. Enjoy


... Someone knocked on my door; I turned towards the sound but before I could compose myself and give permission for entry, the door opened and Sweet barged in with the sad look on her face that told how unhappy she was at the turn of events.

“Jackie what is happening?

What are you going to do now?” She asked and at the time, taking in the change in my room and the fact that I had packed up my belongings ready to leave.

“Wait, wait, are you leaving!?”

At my continued silence and seeming nonchalance, she fell on my bed and begged me to stay. I am too upset to care about what she was feeling because, come to think of it: she has it all. She doesn’t have to live here anymore; she has a brand new home and yet from her safe cocoon she still expected me to stick around and for what? Just to maintain that seeming semblance of normalcy, perfection and at what expense? Mine?! So now, I’m the sacrificial lamb? One who should endure the bad things, situations while, she, she goes on living what life she’s dreamt up, caved out for herself.

Imagine the inconsideration! Sweet was just like my parents! So she didn’t care what I’d been going through? But only that it didn’t mess up her well ordered life. Happy Sunday dinners while mum puts the screws to me and I don’t complain but swallow it; she being the miss goody two little shoes while I’m constantly branded the Miss scarlet!

I looked at Sweet and whilst I contemplated the best way to reply her silly question; oh well; I thought to myself; why show her that I had come to discover what a deceptive, self-centered lady she had become.

“My dear sister”

I began,

“It’s not like I want to leave but somehow, situation between those two (pointing a finger towards the direction of the door to indicate I meant our parents) and I have so degenerated and frankly, staying under the same roof, someone’s going to die one day and I don’t want to add it to my sins-’’

“You won’t be doing any good if you leave and no one will die!”

Sweet cut in, wailing: I looked at her with studied nonchalance though I was seething inside, wanting to vent on her as I had on mum and dad but to what end? I wondered bitterly.

“Sweet, do you not want for me to be happy? Don’t you want me to go to bed without being so depressed wishing I never woke up? Do you enjoy the way mum destroys me each day? I could go on asking you so many questions but to what end? I expected you to console me, give me all the support and encouragement I need and even go as far as inviting me over to your home till I can get a place of my own, yet, here you are”

I could see her visibly regrouping; trying to compose her features to suit that of someone wounded by my words! How did I get to be surrounded by these people? I could just read them like the symptoms of recurrent malaria!

“Sis, how can you say that? Of course, I’d want for you to come stay with us, but you know how it is; mum won’t be happy with me at all if I did that; you know you should apologize to her, but I’m sure you’d manage. Lest I forget, what hotel would you be lodged at so I can at least know your whereabouts?”

As I made to reply her, the house help came in to announce a guest named Amina was downstairs in the sitting room waiting to see me and I knew it was my cue to leave.

Thank you all so much for reading..
I'd be back to next week for another episode. Stay blessed and have a splendid weekend!


LG said...


Nigerian Scorpio said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, u r sweet. Pls, send me ur phone number nigerianscorpio@gmail.com. I hv a bad habit of not saving numbers so i dnt have it from last time.

I read the first installment, will be back to read this.

2cute4u said...

@ LG.. STALKER!lol..I see you.. How you?

@Nigerian Scorpio..You are far too kind.. You're a wonderful person.. Happy Birthday Honey! Will send my phone number..

neefemi said...


Happy birthday Sting

Have a good weekend dear

kay9 said...

Happy centenary! i'm happy for u. :)

@sting: its yo day, go have fun!

Fragilelooks said...

sting: hapi b.day

Anonymous said...

First, happy 100th post, glad i have a celebration mate.

Secondly, happy birthday my dear Sting, it's so nice knowing you & my prayer for you is that, you shall excel in your life, especially in your chosen career.XO

Finally, am already TUNED for the next episode o...*grinning* weldone! May your MUSE never go to sleep o...[say AMEN, as LG be tell me o....lol @ LG'S]

Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday to all October babies, we're too much! Congrats on your 100th Post.

Anonymous said...

wow! hundred already? u don go far oh

Juanita said...

Drama, it's nifty!
Congrats on your 100, let's make 1000 soon. I eagerly wait for the next chapter.
Happy Birthday Sting. :)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow, time really flies! Congrats on your milestone and keep up the great writing!

Nigerian Scorpio said...

Thanks to everyone who left me a birthday message on here.

shorty said...

Congrats on your 100th and Happy Birthday to Sting.

Another interesting episode but very short though :)

Jaycee said...

Congratulations on your 100th post 2Cute4u, definitely worth celebrating :)

And I just read the story, wow. I want to see what happens next. What hotel will she lodge? Or would she really leave? Interesting story...I think I understood it even without reading the first episode. Kudos.

2cute4u said...

@Jaycee..Lol.. You love stories! Lol..Well, Let's see if I continue to keep your interest.

@Shorty.. It was short? Ehyah.. I'd make it longer next time lol..

@CuryGurl.. Thanks dear!

@Junanita.. Beefmate, thanks for the props! How you?

@Jobsfornaija.. Lol..abi? Na so I see am o..

@Myne Whitman..Lol, see hype..

@NG.. Lol.. 'AMEN'! Anniversary mate how far?Hope you had a swell weekend?

@Fragilelooks.. Thanks dear..

@Neefemi.. Why, thank you..

@Kay9.. How far? Thanks.. Appreciate..

Rita said...

Congrats oh...you've really come far...

Looking forward to the continuation of the story...including Amina...

Anonymous said...

Happy 1ooth post. A toast to the next 100.

2cute4u said...

@Rita.. Thanks hon..

@Koinonia.. You're so kind, thanks..

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