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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not that I don’t have ideas to put down at this point in time but I’m just too tensed and stressed so I’d digress a bit.
I want to thank Seye of http://seye.blogspot.com for mentioning me on his blog; it was real sweet of him.
He’s a passionate guy: at least with his words; tales of him? For another day.
This contest on www.naijastories.com has me all wired up I sincerely hope it would come to an end with me as a winner of course (Lol), I simply do not know why I entered for the contest and I didn’t know I would get this far, but I hate losing and that means I keep pushing and all.
I was awake all night because I was feeling listless and my friend, TochUcool had to practically scream at me to go to bed (ofcourse, I didn’t listen to him but kept whining) He burnt the rice he was cooking cause of me. Don’t worry; I’d cook lots of pots for you when you return.
I’d do a proper post of all my friends when this is all over.

It’s been 10years since you passed away and I still can’t believe it. I deliberately skipped your memorial service as I wonder how life would have been had you still been here and I just can’t stand not having you here.
Still, I appreciate your memory and pray that the peace you stopped having 2yrs before you left is now in abundance cause, you deserve it. I love you and I always will. Without you, where would I be?

Now a friend of mine who works with MTN keeps sending me text messages. I find them interesting so I’ve saved all of them, No, most. Prior to her getting this job she wouldn’t call or text except when it’s absolutely important. Now, she calls you and is all pleasant about it. Now what is of interest to me is I think at the time these communication operators started, they gave their employees limitless call time (correct me if I’m wrong) Now they are all so stingy about it. I hear Glo doesn’t even give at all. (Correct me too if I’m wrong) I wonder what brought this on. They abused the privilege maybe?
These are the text messages:

1. Wateva u give a woman be prepared to receive sumtin biger out of it. Give her sperm and she wil give u a baby. Give her a house and she wil make it a home. Give her groceries n she wil give u a meal. Give her love n she will give her heart. She multiplies n enlarges wateva she is given so if u give her crap be ready to receive a ton of shit.
2. Husband koms 4rm church: greets his wife and lifts her up. He karies her around d house. D wife is so suprisd & asks ‘’did d pastor preach abt being romantic?’’ D husband sed ‘’ no, he sed we must kary our burdens & sorrows….lol.
3. Jet li has it but its short, Arnold Schwarzenegger has it but it’s long. Pope has it but doesn’t use it. Men pass it 2 women when they marry. What is it?
4. Ex Convict breaks into a house, ties up husband and wife. He jumps on wife, kisses her ear, and then runs to the bathroom. Husband whispers to wife ‘’satisfy him or he’ll kill us. I saw the way he kissed you, just be strong, I love you.’’ Wife replies, ‘’he didn’t kiss me; he whispered that he’s gay, he’s looking for Vaseline. I told him it’s in the bathroom. Please be strong, I love you’’
5. D GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. Pastor:if dia’s nbody hia dat dos nt want dis couple 2b joined 2geda in holy matrimony, he or she should speak out now’ A man 4rm the end of the church stood up and walked 2wards the altar. As d bride saw d man comin closer, she fainted. D bridegroom & whole congregation wia in confusion. Wen d man got 2d front, d pastor asked, ‘’Y dnt u want dis pple 2b joined 2geda? Man: ‘’I cld nt hear ur voice clearly4rm d bak sir, so I decided 2com & tel u dat d speaker is faulty.

Okay, this is the much I can handle for this post and I think I feel so much better now.
Please keep uploading the WE ARE JOS banner on your blogs and sites. Don’t stop believing that I love you all.


Juanita said...

lol @ no 2 and 4!
Pele oh! Tension's abundant at the moment.

BBB said...

those jokes are so funny
BTW d answer to the riddle is SURNAME

i hope you are feeling much better
dnt worry about the contest even if you dont win, you know your work has been appreciated a lot
its a very good poem

and you are a good marketer lol

Rene said...

lol @ the surname riddle, i was thinking of someethingelse

Jaycee said...

LOLLL @ the man walking all the way from the back to tell the pastor the speaker is faulty.

muyiwa said...

Gone are the days your number 1 point used to be ,but number 4 is very funny i guess

Myne Whitman said...

Now the polls are closed, hope the tension will reduce? LOL. Take care dear, and thanks for the poster on your sidebar.

Geebee said...

lol @ the jokes especially 1 and 4. That 'surname' riddle definitely got me. I had some naughty answers in mind. I wish you best of luck in the naijastories contest. Your poem was great. Kudos to you and the members of the WE ARE JOS team. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!

2cute4u said...

Aha.. Finally I can reply..

@juanita:..Thanks for being here dear..and for your beautiful post on Jos and for tha banner,You're much appreciated.Thanks for coming, the support..

@BBB: Lol, My tots didn't tilt towards surname oh..but something dirty, lol, me?Marketer? Chei,I didn't know.Funny enough,I don't talk as I write..Could barely market in person oh.. Thank for appreciatingmy poem,You're totally my person, and I feel better, thank you.

@ Renee: lol.. Bad girl..

@Jaycee: I knew it would def. appeal to your humour..lol..

@Muyiwa..Hmmmmm, this is so you!how are you dear?

@Myne W. : You and the concept nearly gave me heart failure, lol..
The pic?I would do anything you know that?Yes oh.tension has eased but not entirely, lol..

@Geebee: Hmm you been MIA for a while there you know that?Thank you so much for commending the poem and WE ARE JOS,
Really do appreciate ..

Naijalines said...

#4 cracked me up. Serves him right for thinking the worst, lol.

Best of luck for your Naija Stories entry.

F said...

LOL! I feel u o! The tension! Those ppl wanted to kill us sha! Lol... Oh well... These texts are hilarious... Hahaha... Especially the "surname" and "vaseline" ones... Hahahaha...

gidiasianbabe said...

hahaha no 1 is right ,and that number four seems like a drama,lmao

2cute4u said...

@ Naijalines:..Thanks and thank you for visiting..do come back.

@F:Hmmmm, na small thing?I fit talk? Still recovering oh..Lol, glad you found it hilarious.Thank you for coming..

@Gidiasianbabe: Aha.. thanks for coming.. Hope you good? take care.

yankeenaijababe said...

imao, I am laughing for real. Ok, who is stressing my girl out now, just have faith, am hoping you win the Naija stories thingy, hang in tight.

Your friend is funny,acting all sweet because she got a job now. funny chick.

Hope your weekend is going great.

2cute4u said...

@YNB: God I pray so oh.. How are you?Thank you so much for your care and support.
My weekend was just there..spent it tweeting,working,facebooking,Naijastoring, chatting etc.
Hope yours went well?
Take care love..

Anonymous said...

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