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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been gone for so long that I didn't know I'd be back.
I had thought to make some changes on my blog whilst I was gone,
But I guess things don't always go as planned.
When I was in my dark place,I'd read the comments on my blog and they made me smile;
At least, knowing some people thought or wondered about me, gave me some measure of comfort.
I really want to thank all those who commented on my last post and though I didn't respond,(please accept my apologies), I appreciated them and I just wanna appreciate you all.
So, I AM HERE...

A very good friend of mine gave birth during this period, she's also a blogger and I'm so so happy her although I was too engrossed in myself to make noise as I would have loved to: This is saying a huge CONGRATS to her and her hubby..

Why do people experience disappointments?
Why do they feel that they've been hurt or betrayed?
Its for this simple reason:

So, when these people do what we would ordinarily not expect,its so hard to take in and in the process we let ourselves be broken at their actions.
Have you ever given thought about how it would be if you didn't expect so much from someone or put someone on such a high pedestal?
You wouldn't be bothered by the person's actions!
Could we try to adopt this approach?
I think we'd be better off..
There would be less pain, death, crime and evil in the world..
This is 2cute4u and I haven't changed, I never will so don't hold your breath!

If I had so much love in me,
It would be yours
The little I have
I am giving to you.
I love you!


@ilola said...

Humans are not God, so we should learn not to expect toom much cos we will always disappoint each other. If this were not the case, then we would not need God. Welcome back.

Repressed One said...

One of my mottos is 'No expectations, No disappointment' but the truth is as human we have at least the basic expectations of the people we care about. You wouldn't be human if you didn't, IMO.

Disappointments never killed anyone...well we hope. We live, We Learn!!

Sorry to hear you were in a dark place. Hope you're all better now. Welcome back :)

Naijamum said...

I sense someone you held in high esteem has let you down....!
From personal experience, I know it hurts and it can leave you doubting yourself BUT I have to commend you for staying tru to yourself.
Stay strong and dont let anyone or anything make you less of what you are.
Lots - and I mean lots - of love to you.

jhazmyn said...

disappointments....i doubt we can ever avoid them, it sure hurts wen d person means so much to us, but we learn that man is just that, he has his failings and he would fail now and then (just like we would too), we forgive and choose what we want to do wit the relationship afterwards.

Gud to hav u bak

shorty said...

I'm glad you are back, we missed you. My dear you'll be surprised what people are capable of so just expect less from them in order not to get disappointed.

2cute4u said...

@ @ilola... true that.. thanks for dropping by.

@Repressed One... Nice one.. Love your comment. It's strong.. Lol. Good to have here.

@Naijamum.. Thank you so much for the advice. and thanks for the love.. really appreciate it..

@jhazmyey dear, its so good to have you here..

@shorty.. ..And I missed you too hun! Good to know you get where I'm coming from.. glad to have you here.

Naijalines said...

Great to have you back, dear.
You know...this is pretty spooky - your post. I'll tell you why. Just left a comment on Prism's post about high expectations and falling from a high place. I was thinking of Prism's POV which is actually totally unrelated to this. But in my head I was also thinking about what you just said and that was before I read your post!

In fact I've been dwelling on this issue due to a recent encounter with a friend. The fact that we put people on a pedestal and then get hurt when they fall off. You're right...If we don't have high places, no one falls off!

2cute4u said...

@Naijalines...Glad to have you here..
Its really been so long!
Definitely happy you feel me..

doll said...

welcome back. i don't think its possible or even right to not have expectations of people. the fact that some let us down, is a feather in the bowl of experience. and it is part of life

Yankeenaijababe said...

You have such a beautiful heart and I know that in every situation, you are going to come out stronger, love ya always and hang in strong everyday...:=)

Anonymous said...

welcome back sistah.

I expect much from the people i love care about & give much..becox HE THAT MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED. It's when i DON'T give a hoot about someone that i careless what he or she does to me & i would kinda of feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if the person goes an extra mile to do something for me, which i make sure to reciprocate back in future...but for someone i hold dear to my heart, I EXPECT MUCH MORE FROM HIM OR HER BECOX I KNOW I WOULD DO THE SAME FOR THE PERSON...& i would be very hurt IF he /she betrays me... but would take it in my stride....& put it in my book of experience.

Olufunke said...

Welcome back dear!
I am with Jhazmyn on this.
As long as we live, we would always hope for something, expect from people ( though a balance is needed most times).
but we would always get get disappointed.

Hope you stay for long!

2cute4u said...

@doll.. glad to have you here..

@YNB...Why , thank you so much my dear.. M so touch thanks..

@Ibhade.. No nonsense Mama! Lol, I didn't expect less form you..

@Olufunke...Thanks dear.. good to have you here.. How you? HOPE GOOD?


Awww... we must not be weighed down, not by when we're disappointed from the most unexpected of sources. For it is in our continuous stride that our strength is revealed. I love the fact that you still have it in you to Love... and to continue loving. God is your strength :)

Welcome back :)


Kafo said...

that is all i can say