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LIMITLESS is an ongoing discovery about a ways of life and how to rise above your challenges. I started this walk in 2009, I stopped, then I came back to my first love. Let's keep doing this people, that way, we would never give up!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving my luggage

Friday, March 23, 2012 Posted by 2cute4u at 7:25 AM Hey people! Miss me much? I miss you too o.. I just couldn't leave without saying goodbye.. I'm leaving blogger.. I've been saying this for quite some time but time and belle didn't let me actualize it.. And so, I have moved house,shop to www.chachacorner.com I'm promising you so much sweet fun there too o.. On a constant basis too. I was supposed to reply BankyW after what he wrote to me on my post- WEAKPOINTS But,since so much time has passed,(well, to me sha)I've let the statute of limitation take precedence. So, dearly beloved, I'd see you at www.chachacorner.com I have had so much fun with you and I have learned a lot from you too. You have laughed with me, Cried with me.. Conforted and celebrated with me so I'm missing you already.. I wont be happy till you join me over at www.chachacorner.com So, it's bye now from me my darlings.. I LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS!!!!! Digg 5 comments Links to this post



Aww.. sad to see you go but at least you're heading somewhere... see u there. Blessings :)


femmelounge said...

off to check out chachacorner!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X


Anonymous said...