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Friday, April 30, 2010


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You must be wondering about the heading I used for this post but just you read through;
I have no reservations about G-strings; they make you sexy, daring yeah?
I even get to wear these when I am wearing some tight skirts or pants and don’t want my panty-line to be defined.
But sometimes when I see some ‘bums’ wearing these things, I marvel.
I have a married friend whose bum is as wide as my hands when I open them to embrace a big person and she says that her husband can’t stand seeing her wear boxer panties or full pants. I asked her about just wearing real lacy or sheer panties and she still says not admitted in her bedroom.
I don’t you, but apart from the few g-strings I have for such tighties when I wear them, I’m the lacy panties and boxer panties chick any day.
G-strings make me so uncomfortable and sort of itch and I marvel at the craze, (yeah, I heard, it makes you feel sexy and your hubby or boyfriend wants you more-eyes rolling- yeah right!)
I had this crush on this guy I was almost going gaga for and went to pay him a visit and then when he went to have his bath and he was dressing up, he wore his g-strings and came to show me; Kai!I died and woke up, my attraction for him started dying from that day. All the time we were hanging that evening I kept thinking that this guy had on a g-string. I may be old fashioned, but abeg that I cannot take.
Then when I was in law school, I had this friend I used to go visit her in her room (who incidentally is the chick whose hubby can’t stand anything other than G-strings or thongs) this girl would even wear g-strings when she’s in her period and anyone looking will notice it. I mean, what the heck is that?! And not like she’s comfortable with it oh, that’s how she’d keep adjusting and re-adjusting. I tire!
Please wear that which you feel comfortable in.I beg you. There are still some small panties that are small and not full and would still look real sexy.
G Strings

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Myne Whitman said...

This post made me laugh so much, lol. I am old fashioned too so though I love wearing thongs, I choose those I'm comfortable with and I cannot imagine men in them, LOL...that picture is crazy!

Have a good weekend dear.

T.Notes said...

Yayyyy 1st!!!!
Lol!!!I was laffing plenty at this post!!!!
From a guy's perpspective,pls don't ask us the rationale behind d g-string addiction (i.e,on a chic o!!!I shudder at a guy in g-strings!!),just...accept us as we are;)
Ehmmm,they're just HOT thats all;)

Wild Boy said...

G string on a guy?.well i've done some shopping @ Edgars, Mr Price and all those shops with underwear sections, as long as it's comfortable and will 'minister' to somebody..i could be game. There's this one that has a cup for ur balls(am just explaining here don't mean 2 be vulgar oo) but @ the back has two 2'' elastics running across the back(i.e butts)...looks better than the thongs(which i feel is feminone by the way)..but the chick has to really be worth all that trouble 4 me to wear something other than some fine silk boxers oooo!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Too funny! I think I'd pass on a guy who has a thing for wearing G-strings.

Fragilelooks said...

lol @ the thongs issue. i love the sexines of thongs bt please the comfort of my full pants jo. And if i were a guy, i wuld love to c my gurlfrend in my boxers.Lol


hahaha... When I started to read and got Justin Bieber, I was like? lol

This post reminds me of a day I was walking and a lady was right in front of me and was wearing a stiletos (a very high heel shoe). She was struggling. I said with sarcasm, "that shoe looks so wonderful on you". She replied, "thanks but they are not so comfortable". I said to myself, "what?! Why do people wear things that they arent comfortable in all in the name of trying to look or feel good. Comfortability has been misplaced for fashion nowadays and I reckon its bad.

When it comes to the place of wearing something to please one's spouse though, I support that. As I have a very well built body, my lady recently banned me from wearing armless shirts cos it attracts attention. hahah



I actually find a woman in boxer shorts more sexy than those 'Q- strings'

muyiwa said...

Na when d guy go bath u see d g-string ,lmao ,so u didnt see it when he was undressing.

Geebee said...

LMAO on your G-string-wearing guy's story. No disrespect but that guy's got to be gay or used to be gay. lol. I'm glad you brought this story up. I've wanted to do something like this ages ago but thought it'd be better expressed by a lady and you've hit the nail so well on the head. Gbam! Why would an extremely big-assed babe want to force on G-strings that make her feel as uncomfortable as hell all in the name of fashion or trying to please some guy or some peeps? Wear what you feel comfy in for chrissakes. I bet when some ladies (and men maybe. lol) start fainting or dropping dead from the discomfort of these things we might see a rapid change.

2cute4u said...

Alright so lemme reply before I forget to do so.
Myne..lOL, Please imagine it oh.. Hope your weekend went well?

@ T-Notes..Lol, look at you jubiliating..Old man.

@Wild Boy, Lol, you're truly wild!ahahahah.


@FragileLooks..LoL, anytime gurl, you so have right on point.

@ LDP ..Heheheheheh, she doesn't want anyone to admire you abi?Ok oh.. we all still get eyes.. lol

@KennisBleGad.. My type of guy..Cool!

@Muyiwa..Lol, Bad Boi INC

@Geebee..Abi ooo, Help me tell them, You could even re do the post.