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Friday, August 30, 2013

Deceitful Friends! You never really know People!

Hi Guys!
Come on now, I thought I told you all I was back for good naaa? Believe it when I say so.. It's just that I am most of the time so lazy but since I am working from the house now, and a self confessed full time blogger, I'd be as frequent with my posting as I used to be..
How are we? How did the week treat you? I really wonder at some people and the way they diminish right in front of you because of money. How? Let me explain.

Okay, I have this unnatural love for Kilinshi.. For those who don;t know, it's this a dry lean meat that has been garnished with pepper and other spicy ingredients ready to eat.. I love it cause it's delicious as well as non fattening and it can last for a long time. It's everywhere in the North.
So when I was pregnant with my baby I had this serious craving for Kilinshi and I decided to buy it in bulk for myself and the house as well. I asked this friend of mine in Kaduna to help me buy and send it down to me as way bill.
I know him, I mean we went to school together and I used to know him as someone who is decent and responsible or so I thought.
I was wrong.
He asked me what the Kilinshi was for then I told him it was for house use, he was shocked. All that money? I simply said it was entertainment. He then suggested I buy up to N500K and sell it.. That lots of people deal in it in the south as well as the East.
I almost gave in to the suggestion but my mum( God bless her for me) said I should buy that one since the money was also much and taste what I wanted to embark on.. I was fired up.. Business dreams and plans starting rolling in my head.. I was excited.

I sent him the money, and anxiously waited for my Kilinshi but hen what I received were countless excuses.
First, he told me he went down to Lagos to get his ride and that story lasted for 2-3weeks. Then when he supposedly got back from Lagos, he was always buying and sending it every single day.
After that, he said he was sick and almost near death. I just couldn't believe my ears.
He then stopped taking my calls and was happily changing his updates on his BB! I would buzz,ping, call, for where?! This guy held my money tight. I texted,cursed,raved,ranted, he didn't even care. What beats me is he has a family... So I wondered if I had sent him up to N500K for the Kilinshi business what would be my fate?
What beats me is that this guy is managing his dad's hotel in Kaduna, has a wife and kid and seems to be okay...
I am still in shock as I speak. I reached out to his bossom friend, that one tried talking to his friend but then, he wasn't privy to the transaction was he? There was a limit to how he could help me. I just kept begging for the refund of my money that I didn't want the kilinshi, they guy ignored me.
I am still bitter, I feel like a fool and I hate being played or conned. I'm still shocked and don't know what to do. For real..
It's changed my perspective about human beings. They are deceitful and bad! Especially the ones you may naively believe to be friends.

I waited for my Kilinshi but it never came and hasn't till now. I have even put to bed and my baby is over a month old still I am yet to believe that my own friend can do this. This world is bad sha..
This is wishing you a happy weekend, God's blessings enfold you. I love you so much, it gives me great joy to be back here..

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

2CUTE4U Is BACK-To Blog in Familiar Territories

Shocker right? I know. Hey fellas! How you all doing? For those who have removed my blog from their subscription list or however way you visit this blog, PLEASE COME BACK.
It's been 17months,2days,35 minutes since I last blogged on LIMITLESS. Oh I've been blogging but not here. I moved over to WordPress and started blogging on www.chachacorner.com 
You might be wondering why I'm here after I had earlier said I was shutting this blog down.. On second thoughts, I changed my mind about deleting this blog. Here is where I intended to unwind, unburden as well as be a tad bit personal if I wanted to. And now, I am here, cause I want to unburden as well as be personal. 'Cause though I have been a 'bad friend' to you all, I sorta need your friendship and encouraging words once again to lift me up and I promise, I won't take you for granted.

Where do I begin?
Oh I went and got married, I had a son and now I have a sweet small new daughter!
Life can be cruel when you least expect unpleasantness; I can understand the Christian chant: ' Watch and Pray so you do not......' Please Erolyrics complete it for me.. I find myself a 'yam head' when it comes to quoting bible verses.
I have always had God perform miracles for me in 3s' and right now I am in need of his grace for my daughter.. 
Let's just say I need God's healing grace for my daughter.. Thing is I am confident that my God will not fail me but like the human that I am, I am impatient and want it NOW. I caution myself and know that God would manifest my daughter's healing miracle at HIS OWN appropriate time; so now, I wait and know that God is God. You see my daughter was born with a condition and I have to say I am in shock and it's but this going strong. When I look at her and how strong she is, it makes me gather every part of me that wants to fall apart and be stronger. Knowing, that my time of wait would soon be over and everything by his Grace would be like a fictitious nightmare that never happened.
I see that Beautiful even got married in my absence, I have really missed! I would try to do blog rounds.. well, more often, I never really stopped anyway..
That said, It's so good to be back and I hope you hear from you all. I need all the blog ville gossip cause boy, it's been long!
This is 2cute4u-chacha and I'm back after 17months,2days and 35minutes and it's so so good to be back!
I get my strength from the Love I have for you!#
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