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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have to thank NuttyJ, WildBoy,P.E.T. Projects,NaijaMum, Jhazmyn,@ilola and Beautiful for each giving me THE STYLISH AND VERSATILE BLOGGER...
I don't know if I truly deserve it it but I'm so touched that you would think of me and include me.
I'm most grateful and I have to say a deep thanks..
I give you yo all the same award..
My many thanks people!

How is everyone?
Hope good?
I have so much going on..
I really wish I could do justice to this awards, but please this is the much I can do..
I love you all so very much..
NaijaMum, i can't seem to comment on your posts, why? Not happy about it.. I don't think it's network either.


Myne Whitman said...

How are you dear...

2cute4u said...

Barely hanging in there..
Send you a mail later..
Thanks for asking..

Naijamum said...

Re: you cant leave a comment....
I am not happy about this as I
look forward to comments.
Oh dear!!
I have to check and see what is happening oh!
Hope you are okay

Naijamum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naijamum said...

I see you have been able to comment!
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Yankeenaijababe said...

........Congrats on your blog awards, I so love it...nice new layout, me like.

Fragilelooks said...

babe how far naaaaaaaaa?(im my strong igbo accent)

Anonymous said...

what happened to unforgiven trespass?

Afronuts said...

At least its not one of those Naija national awards that undeserving people get to be given and end up adding the initials to their name...lol

You been a bit scarce. Hope you been good?

brown skin said...

Hey lady. Kilon kracking? Just checking on you. Hope ur okay : )



How u dey? Enjoy the award o. Mee too don lavish you with another one! lol


Mamuje said...

Hello dear, it's been a minute.

Olufunke said...

Off course... you deserve the award, I love your style of writing.
LOL@ Afronuts comments about Nigerian govt awards.

How have you been?

Bombchell said...

Happy Vals Day & congrats

sweetness said...

Congrats on the awards dear
Well deserved too!

Wild Boy said...

you totally deserved it. infact you got another- one lovely blog. missed you on my blog ooooooo