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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Man-"You women want equality and you don't even understand power play.Your whole card is your cunt,and you show it to your opponents face up.You give it away.And without your cunts you have no power at all.Men can live without affection but not without sex.Women have to have affection and can do without sex"

Women swarmed over him with furious protests.

Man-"Women are complaining about marriage when they are getting the best bargain they will ever get in their lives.Marriage is like those bonds you buy.There is inflation and there is devaluation.The value keeps going down and down for men.You know why?Women become less and less valuable as they grow older and then we're stuck with them like an old car. Women don't age well as men. Can you imagine a fifty- year old broad being able to con a twenty-year old kind in to bed?And very few women have the economic power to buy youth as men do."

Woman-"I have a twenty year old lover" She was a good-looking woman of about forty.

Man-He grinned at her wickedly, "I congratulate you" he said "But what about when you're fifty?with the young girls giving it away so easily you'll have to catch them coming out of grammar school and promise them a tan-speed bike.And do you think your young lovers fall in love with you as young women do with men?You haven't got that old freudian father image working for you as we men do.And I must repeat, a man at forty looks more attractive than he does at twenty.At fifty he can still be very attractive.It's biological.

Woman-"Bullshit" "Young girls make fools out of you old guys and you believe their bullshit.You're not any more attractive,you just have more power.And you have all the laws on your side,When we change that, we change everything.

Man-"Sure ,you'll get laws passed so that men will have to get operations to make themselves look uglier when they get older.In the name of fair ply and equal rights.You may even get our balls cut off legally.That doesn't change the truth now"
"You know the worst line of poetry?Browing."Grow old along with me!The best is yet to be......."

Woman- "You have such a great track record with women,what's the secret of your success?"
                               Laughter (Everyone)
Man has been married and divorced five times.

Man-"I tell them it has to be a hundred percent my way and no percent their way before they move in with me.They understand their position and accept.I always tell them that when they are no longer satisfied with the arrangement,to just move out.No arguments,no exceptions,no negotiations,just leave.And I can't understand it.They say Yes when they move in,and then they break the rules.They try to get ten percent their way.And when they don't get it, they start a fight.

Woman-"What a marvelous proposition","And what do they get in return?"

Man-Looking around with a perfectly straight face, he said "A fair fuck"

 Some of the ladies began  to boor..

 Hiya.. what did you think of this?please, send in your opinion let me know what your feelings are..
I'll be back with MAN'S WORLD (Prt2)


jobsfornaija said...

Madam.......Its working naa!

ManCee said...

Talks of equality between the sexes is ill-informed and commerce driven.
The sexes are not.
There are definite hormones, biologically-tuned idiosyncracies, roles and responsibilities that ensure this. E.g. No matter how nice he is-a guy cant do the breast feeding. Only one is given the boobs, only one the dick.
What I will ALWAYS support is fairness to both sexes by both sexes.
If we treat each other fairly, the world will be a bit better and we'd be more satisfied with each other. I think.

2cute4u said...

A pity many don't share your opinion ManCee.. The other day, I walked into a bank, I had an appointment with the Manager.. an after the business of the day,As he joke purportedly said later that it was a joke, call me a small girl to be challenging his bank.. that (In his words..)"I want to shine" with his bank.. well i didnt find the joke funny and gave him tit for tat, offcourse he flared, ranting, that I had insulted him, how he had my 'mates' at home, etc.. I asked that so I shuld have kept quiet and watched him insult me, that I dont look like a staff.. it went on n on..
Bottomline, people don't just know when to put it down..
thank you for the imput.. you always make a difference in a unique way..