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LIMITLESS is an ongoing discovery about a ways of life and how to rise above your challenges. I started this walk in 2009, I stopped, then I came back to my first love. Let's keep doing this people, that way, we would never give up!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have so mach to say but with little or no idea on how to communicate them to you..
I often wonder how people like Jodie Foster started and how they had so much drive to continue in the face of so many challenges and setback because I and even you must know that nothing good in life comes that easy and go success without hardwork is lasting..
Now Jordie Foster gets to preside over the 36th annual Cesar Awards ceremony on February 25, organizers confirmed late Monday. How is that achievable?
That's because she pushed herself beyound her limit and this new year 2011, I am urging us all to PUSH OURSELVES BEYOUND OUR LIMITS!

That is how we'd get to be the very best in whatever we have set out to do.
How was the holiday for you?
Hope good?
I had cool and quiet fun..(whatever that means, lol)
I am getting new lessons from a blogger friend.. I just want to say a huge thank you to you all who walked the walk with me..
I also want to thank all those who commented on my last post;
Thank you; that was Oh so nice of you all my sweethearts...
God bless you all immensely..
Now lets all go out there and be Trending stories this 2011!
Loving you so much already!


Beautiful said...

i just tagged you in The Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards. Check my blog for details.