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Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Me,You and They..

What keeps you sane?
What motivates you?
What makes you happy?
What gives you satisfaction?
Is it enough?

What are deepest fears?
It’s been bad.
It’s been so scary.

What is the essence of living?
Why do we have dreams, hopes and aspirations?
Only to have these snuffed out in a day?

What makes you sleep well at night?
Do you still have a conscience?
Why would you take and not give?
What makes you feel you are far from the vicissitudes of life?
Why do you not care in the face of pain, misery and loss?

And yet here we all are;
Seeing, we see not;
Hearing, we choose not to;
Hearts shuttered, never caring;
Having a mind of their own.

It was me yesterday,
Them, today.
Whose will it be tomorrow?
Emptying the well of tears,
My job it has been all day
This dry parched land still hasn’t dried up this well of tears

Mopping the ground of blood
Their jobs it has been all day
Yet seems unnoticed since there’s a leak and blood keeps spilling

No rest
For the wicked and innocent
The ground is uneven with ugly shadows that lie beneath
I would go on
But I lack the courage
I am weak

So I look to you to support me
Will you?
Will you let down your guard?
Your inhibitions?
Just to support me?

If you would-
May He who still keeps me keep you
May the blessings of the grateful never leave you
Give me the support I need
So I can stand taller.

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I am guessing this has something to do with Jos? Great words :)


Harry-Rami Itie said...

Nice one... I like

2cute4u said...

@ LE DYNAMIQUE PROFFESEUR.. thanks for visiting, Hope you come back.. Yes, It does have a lot to do with Jos..
Please visit http://helpnigeria.blogspot.com
@ Harry-Rami Itie,.. thank you so much my dear.. hope you are good? please come back.. Thanks for coming

muyiwa said...

ummm well written,nice one

FFF said...

amen i

BSNC said...

I like : )

That eye up there scared me a little..lol. I see you moved.

yankeenaijababe said...

I love this one and was thinking Jos. May God help us all, times are challenging my sister.

2cute4u said...

@ FFF.. Thank you so much for dropping by..
@ BSNC....Lol, I get what you mean now, I asked a friend what she thought about the template she said same thing.. So, I changed my template.. Thank you for coming..

2cute4u said...

@Yankeenaijababe.. dearie I'm good oh.. Yeah its for Jos.. A little stressed working on the WE ARE JOS project..
Hope say you sef dey ok?

BSNC said...

Nice template hehehe
*pats the dog's head* lol

2cute4u said...

Lol.. I'm glad you like BSNC,But if you still need a change, do let me know..You know I'd do anything for you *wink* *wink*..