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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Man, MR. NAT!!!

This blog isn’t for featuring artistes or their songs but you would recall that I mentioned on my post NOONE, that I would play his songs soon, given his permission.
Mr. Nat is an artist with a vision so clean and infectious that you can’t help but love his concept which so fresh! He raps and strictly gospel but I cannot exaggerate his talent because, there is no need to; he is T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D! He’s truly something else. As I listen to his songs, something touches me, my soul, the way he talks and describes God, you’d want to know God; his songs can be played in just about any gathering: a church, club, party; please you name it; it cuts across any ‘time or place’ barrier! So those of you who play gospel songs just on Sundays or in your car when you’re in trouble or asking God for help, you can play this at any time whatsoever. That I said RAP doesn’t mean if you’re not into that sort of music you won’t flow, contrary to that, you would!
I would like for you to get to know him, as I did when he so graciously gave me this info about himself:

Chigozie Nathaniel A.K.A Mr. Nat, born on the 23rd of June, 1978.
Did his Nursery and primary schooling in Lagos, secondary school in Owerri in Imo state.
He got an OND in Accountancy from Federal Polytechnic, Negede in 1999 and in 2004; he got a B.sc in Banking and Finance from Abia state University and is currently working on his masters at the University of Port Harcourt.
He’s worked in Savannah Bank, GTB , part-time staff of the Imo state Broadcasting Corporation and is currently working with the one of the foremost oil and gas companies in Nigeria (off-shore) as a Terminal Representative  for crude oil marketing division (Eastern region).
His love for music started as a child from his mum who gave him lengthy recitations to recite in church from memory. In 1990, he first heard rap music, it intrigued him but it was all circular for him when he started learning the rap music; in 1994, he started a group called 4TIFIED which split when he got born again. He then formed DIVINELY INSPIRED ANNOINTED VOICES (solely acapela) and STAINLESS VIEW (contemporary R&B and Hip-hop).
In 2000, whilst in Absu, his rap skill developed and he started ministering in his school, other schools as well in other states. He’s performed alongside Samsung, Isaac Rowland (Now late), Obi Shine, (Obi Shine featured him in his track titled ‘shinning’) etc.
He formed NATHANIEL TRIBE in Absu which is still existence till date with gospel rap as their theme. His upcoming debut album would be released later this year. He has given me the permission to play two of his songs: YAKITIYAK and GOD.
When asked his vision, he said:
“My vision is to satiate the world with PIL –positive Impact Lyrics. The world has lost its respect or view concerning living right with God and having a personal relationship with him despite your style of living; there’s no respect for morality and its saddening”
These are the songs, listen, enjoy, be blessed and download.

Thank you all so much, my love for you keeps me blogging when all else fails me.


T.Notes said...

Hmmm, that's an impressive CV. How does he juggle all that with the music.-T.Notes motivation-!

Ok,on ur recommendation, checking out his mix.Haven't heard of him b4,but yeah,lets wait for the joint to drop.

N a Cherry Hi2 u Friend ;-)


Nice. The funny thing is his picture doesn't sound him... haha

Like it :)


oluSimeon said...

wow... once again lemme change ma lingua franca..
the guy is amazing.. reminds me of ryhmsta A.. the only other nigerian who did really well with rap..
i love these songs..is all i can say now..

doug said...

Hmmm, Mr Nat is not half bad :)

Bombchell said...

pretty cool. my mum would probably also enjoy the first.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all, This is MrNat. Thanx 4 all ur wonderful comments. Hey Le Dynamique Professeur, I'm sorry about d pix. That was wat was just available 4 @ d time. Better ones next time my man, I promise. PEACE!

F said...

I am impressed... The fact that you took time to plug this guy and his music says a lot about his talent. Nice one. :)