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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I walked towards the gate as Frankie’s voice kept resounding in my subconscious. It was so funny how the one person who I had wanted to see and who had made himself elusive to me was now just a room away from me. It was so crazy! I remember my last encounter with him; or was it really an encounter?

I had gone to his home to see him after he had come to my place and we had a huge fight about the pregnancy and we both exchanged far too many hateful words, so a day later, I thought it was now safe for me to go see him thinking he might have calmed down.

I got to Frankie’s gate and since his maiguard recognized me, I had no trouble with my admittance into the compound and that reassured me in no small way because, I felt that since he hadn’t instructed Joshua to refuse me entry, then we were still good; after all, all we had was a couple’s quarrel right?

I spent the next two hours knocking on his door all the time pressing the door bell. I knew he was home; I know his work schedule; it was also a Sunday and more often than not, he barely went to church. I also called his number and intermittedly sent text messages, informing him that I was at the door and that he should come open up for me but he neither took my calls nor replied my sms.

It wasn’t that I just couldn’t leave the same way I came but, I was too ashamed and embarrassed to move let alone walk back to the gate because, it was obvious to his two other neighbours that I had been refused entry and I was in shock.

Finally, I called a friend of mine, Bisi and she told me to leave with what remaining dignity I had left that I could muster. How I walked out of the gate and took slow steps to the junction feeling different sets of eyes boring holes through my back from the duplex is what I could never, ever fathom.

I felt my heart break to tiny little unmendable pieces; as soon as I hailed a cab and got in, I told the driver where I was headed then I settled in to fully try to understand just what had happened back at Frankie’s and then, I crumbled into tears. Now if it was just tears, it would have been better ‘cause then, I might have felt or gotten better but I just kept sobbing brokenly from my soul as I began to actually realize what mess I had brought upon myself.

The driver kept turning to look at me worriedly but with concern, I’m sure I must have looked bad because he really felt that I would collapse or something of that sort.

Two days later, Frankie called me at night to tell me that all my plans had failed;

“You think you can trap me with that thing you’re carrying huh?” He screamed at me;

“But that wasn’t what we discussed earlier, you said I could keep it and besides, you know I can’t have another D and C, I’m scared! If you didn’t want this why do you always refuse to use protection with me? Please, I can’t do what you want me to do”

I said trying to make sense of it all, to reason with him but he wasn’t in the least bit interested or bothered but he just kept raining abuses on me on how I wanted to cramp his style; he dropped his phone on me. I just cried harder. From thence, my ordeal started.

Night has way of bringing out everyone to relax after a hard day’s work even on a Sunday and it was the sound of music blaring from speakers and different aromas whiffing through my nostrils that brought me out of my reverie.

I stopped to buy suya and then decided to stop at the neighborhood’s shopping mall for some chocolates and biscuits since those are basically what I feed on.
As I walked towards the shop, I promised myself that I would try not to dwell on the past; it wasn’t as though it would make things any better. I walked to the chocolate section and as I browsed through the variety, I felt myself relaxing as I proceeded to pick ones I wanted; I looked forward to munching my Cadbury mint flavour chocolate and just couldn’t wait and just then, a voice said from behind me;

“I wouldn’t have pegged you for the sweet tooth type you know?”

He was so close to me that when I turned to the voice, I bumped into a chest, at least, that was where my eyes was level with; he was way taller than that so I had to raise my eyes to look at the face of the person trying to invade my privacy. It annoyed me that I couldn’t fault the face at all; he wasn’t bad looking; my ideal kind of guy under the right circumstances but of course, I hadn’t had those in a very long while.

Today, I just wasn’t in the mood to be friendly, nice or be receptive towards whatever the usual cliché that guys have up their silly sleeves; I barely acknowledged him as I turned back to the reason I was even in the same vicinity with whoever it was that had barged in on my alone time.

Done with shopping, I went on to pay my bills then I strolled out enjoying the breeze and the night life which was like a soft distant music to my ears when this powerful and sophisticated wheels wheeled to a stop right beside me; I was curious so I slowed my walked; no, I actually stopped to know who it was. The driver got down and it was non other than the intruder of my alone time! He raised his hands in surrender indicating that he had come in peace and introduced himself;

“Hi, my name’s Fred, you didn’t seem much inclined to being even the least bit courteous at the mall and I’m seeing you again, so if it won’t be much of a bother to you, can I drive you to your destination?”

I didn’t want any of that and thankfully, I had gotten to the junction that led to Amina’s street and I was almost home anyway and there honestly wasn’t need for help from this stranger.

“No thanks”

I replied as I kept walking towards the gate and opened it to let myself in. Getting to the front door, I knocked; I didn’t even wait for a bit because Frankie quickly opened up for me.

“You really went shopping for the usual huh? He asked knowingly, “You sure didn’t take time though you know?”

He said in his desperate attempt to strike up conversation, I didn’t even spare him a glance as I continued to the room, my sanctuary.


kay9 said...

poor girl...

ShadeNonconformist said...

Aww poor girl...And poor Frankie too.

Well i haven't read the story from the beginning but this seems rather interesting...

Omotee! said...

poor thing.

cant wait, next pls???

Ugodre said...

Lol! Interesting....I'm locked in

1manview said...

Intriguing, more please...

Onose said...

wow, more please!!!! this is interesting

Olufunke said...

i feel so sorry for her.
please keep the remaining part coming

histreasure said...

i totally feel her...men ehhhhh...mctewwwwww!!!

i hope she can tell her friend about her past with him cos well, i dunno...i don't like that guy!

and pls, POST It!!

Anonymous said...

Humph!...i am provoking here o!.. what an insult!...she for give am slap sef when she saw him again!... good write-up...really felt her pain, fears & tears... your ink would continue flowing with the muse sitting beside you...amin.

2cute4u said...

Thank you people!
It makes me feel so honored with the fact that you like this series..
I hope I don't get to disappoint you..
The next part is on..