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Friday, November 19, 2010


So you all have been waiting for me ehen?
Lol.. it's been really hectic for me..
Not been able to concentrate..
Working on the part7 for www.naijastories.com
I so hope you get tp appreciate this..
Ugodre.. gimme some days okay?
It part7 would be ready..
Love you all so very much..
Have a splendid weekend!
Monday afternoon and half way through my shift, my back was already aching from standing and bending over patients performing surgeries; as I walked out to get a drink my phone rang and it was with some slight reservation that I took Amina’s call with a happy ring to her voice;

“Madam,’ sup? You still standing? I’m home with oga , having sweet fun; I dey cook so I was wondering if there was anything you wanted me to prepare for you…when are you getting off exactly?” she asked

“Err…I really don’t know for now; work has chased every feeling of hunger or any imagination of food out of my head; I’m just running on adrenalin, stepping out for a drink, you know how it is na” I replied.

“sha” I continued;

“I’m glad you’re having fun; you need am, your pepper just dey ripe anyhow”
I said in a bid not to make her feel bad about my not wanting her to prepare a meal for me.

“No wahala, we go see later now, abi? When are you getting off?” she asked again.

“That should be 7pm, I’d see you okay? Take care and Mina?

“Huh?” She answered

“Thank you so much for taking me in and being there for me, thank you”

“Oh puu-leez!” She cut in-

“You would do that for me and more in a heartbeat, besides you’re my friend and I trust you with my life if it comes to that okay? So please let’s move on to less emotional topics okay? I really have to go now and so should you, I suppose dear” she said and cut the phone.

I stared at my phone for a few seconds and was reminded by the beep yet again that my short break was over. I gulped down my drink and rushed back to prep for my 3.15pm surgery.


I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I ended my shift and handed to those on for the night shift; with that, I made my way to the gate of the hospital. All my joints in my body were screaming to be relieved in anyway possible and I just couldn’t wait to oblige them when my phone rang; I looked and it was Amina yet again, I took it wondering what it was this time-

“Hi” I said,
I know that I sounded unfriendly but I just couldn’t help it, I wanted to be left alone-

‘Madam, we are at IT ;( A mini bar/restaurant, a huge hangout for a lot of people especially after work) Frank thought we wait for you since you’d soon be done with your shift, so we waited; come straight there” she finished.

“Really? Eh yah…that’s so nice of you both o” I enthused
“I’d be there soonish baby! Thank you so much”.

As I dropped the phone in my bag, I realized that I was seething with anger. I mean, what in the name of every curse I could summon was Frankie up to? Why couldn’t he keep to our agreement, cuddle up with Mina and let me be? Making me seem like one lonely bystander (even if I was) that could not get her fun unless she was included in someone else’s fun; what the hell was that?!

I vowed to have a word with him at the slightest opportunity that we are alone. I wanted Amina to be happy, just that, I hope but not at my expense. I prayed that things do not get out of hand; the scenario was already messy as it is.

Anyway, I got to IT and got ready to face them with a huge fake smile plastered on my face; two could play the game, I mused. I wasn’t about to show Frankie that suggesting to come pick me was getting me all hot and bothered and Amina certainly did not deserve me giving her any nasty attitude.

As I walked in to the restaurant, Frankie was the first to see me because he was facing the entrance to the bar of which the direction led to the restaurant.

“Look who’s here” he said as I got close to them over the music blaring all the while staring intently at me like he was searching for something, if he found what he was looking for or not, that I can’t tell. I handed him a cheery “hi” and a “thank you so much for taking the time to come pick me, you really shouldn’t have”.

Amina had quickly gotten up to give me a hug so she didn’t see the sneer on Frankie’s face as I gave my well rehearsed speech and the daggers my eyes threw at him in response.

“Oh no, it’s nothing” He said;
As Amina and I made to sit;

“We went for some groceries and then I asked if you like had anyone who’d bring you back from work you know? She said no” he continued;

“She said you didn’t even have a boyfriend or something of that sort to look at for you” he finished.
“Don’t mind him” Amina chipped in.

I minded him alright! I mean, what is this? What was he up to really?
Frankie’s smile rose a notch higher but I could see the malicious glee in his eyes; I smiled politely and replied that I hadn’t met anyone worth the stress. He asked me what drink I would have; did I want a drink? I wondered, I would probably choke! I was about to give some sort excuse when I heard this voice behind me:

“It’s you again”.

The voice sounded familiar; haa, yes. It belonged to the guy from the mall yesterday, what was his name again? Yes, I remember now, Fred. No way was I going to forget him in a hurry; fancy meeting him here.

“Hi yourself, and yeah, it is me alright, what did you think?” I asked as we shook hands. I introduced him to Amina and Frankie.

“You still won’t let me have the pleasure of knowing your name” He said.

“She’s Jackie” Mina supplied. I almost killed her with my eyes.

“Oops! I’m sorry, I didn’t know your name was such a secret and I wasn’t allowed to tell” She said with sarcasm that wasn’t lost on me; she was without remorse and was enjoying the whole scenario.

“So you both know each other or something?” Frankie asked indicating Fred and I.

“Yes. Well, err technically” Fred amended from the look on my face.

“I guess you’re done with work?” He asked.

I nodded.

“What say I get you dinner, please?”

Fast guy no be thief, I thought but when ahead to say:

“Err, my friends (gesturing at Mina and Frankie) did come to pick me up from work and I can’t possibly abandon them, you understand? I’m sure there’d be a next time” I said politely.
But Amina waved my excuses away:

“Please please don’t bother on our behalf, it’s perfectly okay, it’s not like we aren’t happy to have you ‘hang’ with us but some ‘couple’ time would be just nice; I hope you don’t mind Jackie? So please go ahead, you both have fun and please get home early enough ‘cause you’ve got work tomorrow’’

I had no ready excuses so I walked away with Fred saying my goodbyes to them and promising Amina to kill her later. Fred took me to a nice restaurant and the menu just about reminded me that I hadn’t eaten any solid food in 48hours; I was famished and Fred’s easy going attitude made it easier for me to settle in to the easy banter that soon, I found myself laughing uncontrollably at his jokes; it was as though we had been friends longer than an hour or maybe it was ‘cause I was tired so I was feeling a bit more receptive.

I was greedy in ordering; I ordered jollof rice, fried plaintain, fresh fish; then I saw garnished chicken and couldn’t resist that too, I had to have it all so that when I was done eating, I found that I couldn’t even breathe easily.

“You got quite a bit of an appetite there and it’s a wonder you don’t add weight; I’m impressed. You eat like you just got in from Somalia; I love your healthy appetite” He remarked as he paid the bill and tipped the waiter.

I smiled guiltily in between trying to apologise and explain my gluttony.

“So what do you do?” he asked as we joined the traffic.

“Me? Oh... aaah, I’m a doctor. A surgeon”

“You sure don’t strike me as one. You’re so young and I don’t know; just don’t seem like one of them” He said disbelievingly.

“I’m taking that as a compliment, so thanks” I retorted.

“No, really, I’m guessing you started quite early”

I shrugged, “I guess so” I said. “What do you do?” I asked.

“Oh, well, I’m in to a lot of things, but basically, I work with money; I’m what can be best described as a ‘financier’.”

“Really?” I asked. “How so?” I continued.

“Well, I bring ailing companies, establishments back to life and resale them or don’t, depends on the situation or terms of the agreement, aside that I’m a banker” he explained.

‘You live with your friend from the bar?” he questioned; I noticed that he had tacitly changed the topic shifting topic back to me.

“Yeah. Actually, I started staying with her yesterday, till I get my place”

“Where were you staying before your friend’s?” he asked.

I could sense the curiosity in his voice and I didn’t like it, I mean, why would I tell a stranger all about me because he had bought me dinner? I made that known to him in no uncertain terms and he immediately apologized.

“I’m so sorry. I just wanted to get to know you. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you at IT, I like you” he enthused.

“Whoa! Slow down mister! Do you like people this fast? Bet you like every chic you meet. Look, just get me home okay? Please.”

I couldn’t get why I was upset. We were silent till we got to the gate; I thanked him for dinner and got down from his car.

“I hope I get to see you again real soon” He said. I didn’t have anything to say to that so I kept walking.

I had barely knocked when the door opened with such force that I got scared stepping back for a moment till I saw that it was Frankie.

“You scared me” I accused.

“I’m glad” He said with some satisfaction.

I sighed.

“Look, why aren’t you with Mina?” I asked.

“She has work tomorrow, she should sleep and so should you instead of gallivanting round town with men on a week day” he said in a harsh whisper.

Astonished, I looked at him like he going crazy;I asked him:

“Are you kidding me? Really, you’re not serious are you?”

“I’m being as real as I’ve ever been with you and I don’t want this happening anymore” he threatened.

I was livid with anger.

“Or else what? What would you do? You’ve got some real nerve, telling me what to do and not do. I tolerate you because of that wonderful lady in there, God bless her soul, I wonder what she sees in you”

I could barely find the strength to suppress the anger I was feeling;
I pointed a finger at him

“I’d just pretend that you didn’t just say all that to me tonight, but don’t you ever and I repeat EVER do that again and; while we are on the topic, I don’t need you including me in plans involving you and Mina spending time together” I finished walking towards the room.

“That was why you got pregnant” he said.
It did stop me on my tracks.

“What did you say?” I asked staring at him in disbelief

“Your irresponsibility was what got you pregnant in the first place” he replied.

I died and woke up but I didn’t show it; I just started laughing and I didn’t know why but I’m sure he must have seen something scary on my face because he moved back a bit.

I scuffed.

“Then don’t blame me for my actions, it’s your funeral baby” I said as I resumed my walk to the room.


Azuka said...

Hurry up and hire thugs to beat up Frankie already...

I kid.

Tisha said...

This is crazy stuff.
It's thriller abi!

Tisha said...

This is crazy stuff.
It's thriller abi!

Seshe James said...

WOW!!! Me like very much. Comming back for more

histreasure said...

Assss innnnnnnnnnn...he said what????

this babe needs to deal with the 'situation' asap..
and i hope this is not one of those 'good girls like bad boys' situation where she starts sleeping with him because he's **scoff** irressitible..oo..mstchewww

Anonymous said...

CHa cha, please please kindly open another blog for the stories naaaa. I miss the relationship blog talks, plssssss

Kafo said...

this is my first episode or chapter that i am reading but i don't think i like this frankie guy

and what is this whole pregnancy thing
now i have to go and find out


Neefemi said...

i need to go and start from the beginning of this story again, ill be back

shorty said...

Chei Frankie needs to be dealt with, like WTTF???

Myne Whitman said...

Love the comments, the story is really good.

Afronuts said...

lol...I see Myne has mentored you well or is it inspired you?

keep up the good work!