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LIMITLESS is an ongoing discovery about a ways of life and how to rise above your challenges. I started this walk in 2009, I stopped, then I came back to my first love. Let's keep doing this people, that way, we would never give up!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


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This is our Logo                                             
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Friday, March 19, 2010


Since the WE ARE JOS project started, I’ve not had any reason to smile. I’ve been sad. Things that seemed so important to me have become mundane.
Some things, issues are so trivial that I wonder now why I bothered myself with them all these while, years even.
While some would say it’s done and nothing we can do except what you and some other people are doing, I can’t seem to let go.
I’ve lost my mojo for beauty tips, finding answers to living and style, relationships and so on.
It’s a phase (maybe), I hope. I’ll be back to give you the many tips I have in store for you.
Just let me get my groove back.
Nothing else.
I love you so very much.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Me,You and They..

What keeps you sane?
What motivates you?
What makes you happy?
What gives you satisfaction?
Is it enough?

What are deepest fears?
It’s been bad.
It’s been so scary.

What is the essence of living?
Why do we have dreams, hopes and aspirations?
Only to have these snuffed out in a day?

What makes you sleep well at night?
Do you still have a conscience?
Why would you take and not give?
What makes you feel you are far from the vicissitudes of life?
Why do you not care in the face of pain, misery and loss?

And yet here we all are;
Seeing, we see not;
Hearing, we choose not to;
Hearts shuttered, never caring;
Having a mind of their own.

It was me yesterday,
Them, today.
Whose will it be tomorrow?
Emptying the well of tears,
My job it has been all day
This dry parched land still hasn’t dried up this well of tears

Mopping the ground of blood
Their jobs it has been all day
Yet seems unnoticed since there’s a leak and blood keeps spilling

No rest
For the wicked and innocent
The ground is uneven with ugly shadows that lie beneath
I would go on
But I lack the courage
I am weak

So I look to you to support me
Will you?
Will you let down your guard?
Your inhibitions?
Just to support me?

If you would-
May He who still keeps me keep you
May the blessings of the grateful never leave you
Give me the support I need
So I can stand taller.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010


I will be writing in general terms so I don’t err on both sides.
I once read on someone’s blog, that is in her reply to a comment to a post that she prefers blogging to facebook.She said it’s more peaceful, no controversy, (well, maybe less.)And I totally agree with her.
On facebook, when you update your status, your friends either comment asking the basis for the stat us, also they either send text messages or call you asking if you’re okay and all that.
Now, when blogging you maintain a certain mystery around your identity unless you so wish to make it known subsequently to whomsoever you choose or in your posts, well fine and good, all the better.
Most times, I read blogs, I notice the bloggers only let you know their first names or just their locations, where they’re from etc, (I’m thinking its part of the fun) but more often than not, you do not completely know who a blogger is no one had the right to question the identity of the blogger.
I’ve always thought the reason we blog is to write and do so in such a way as hold our readers’ interest, to communicate.
I’ve found reading blogs therapeutic. I love reading blogs, commenting..I don’t quite get the urge to write everyday, so I enjoy reading that of others.
Granted I’m new here, but I think what you choose to write in your post and in your blog is your business; if the story is a bit unreal, for Pete’s sakes, it’s all you! Some people have vivid imaginations and good for them, they write and to me, it’s just hilarious and I just enjoy it. No one should worry about the identity behind the writing (as far as it’s a tale and unless indicated otherwise, its fiction).When you should is when it is directed at you. Its petty albeit puerile to poke fun at the personality of a guy because he chooses to recount his stories and since he narrates his escapades, you think a normal guy can’t have that much fun,Lol, sorry, but some guys actually do and love to tell, so if you don’t like it, stop listening or reading.
There are different kinds of people and to them, different mannerisms. Some don’t take kindly to jokes intended to be good natured. Some a little bit more emotional than others, while others, simply do not care; But I believe the only place you can make pun should be as a comment to the actual person’s blog not on some other person’s blog and with some others
I so hate drama.
To Lady X,don’t get me wrong I’ve no beef with you and your reply to my comment, on the contrary, I loved your post: It was innocent and engaging actually learnt from it, and I’d be back, Lol,but I didn’t like when the comments went sideways, period!
To Naijabadboi (NBB), you know who you are okay? You also know why most people enjoy your posts? Keep doing what you’re doing and forget everything else.
Always here, I love you all
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