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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The AfterMATH....

I'm so sorry I haven't been frequent on blogsville for a while;
And to think I've not thanked everyone who voted for me on Naijastories! Mehn that contest really landed me in hot water with my boss and my health.
I've always just written exams and not cared whether there were votes or not so when it seemed like votes will determine the future of the results, I kinda froze on office work till oga had to tell me to choose! See me see wahala Oh.. So my overtime didn't count for anything in this my dire time of need and desperation abi? Oya  don't worry, you'd see me again come in for overtime.
As per my health,I fell ill and still am.My whole body hurts and I just never want to leave my bed..
I'm traveling tomorrow,I'd soon be leaving my present job for a better job but a very sensitive one at that.Some people are beginning to say I'm  far too young for it and single too, that I should get married before getting the appointment but as far as I'm concerned, if a man gets intimidated because of my status, then he really isn't the one.End of story.


You have no idea how happy I am to be receiving a copy of A HEART TO MEND by Myne Whitman, for free,knowing that I'm an 'awuf' chic to the core, it gladdens my heart to no end.
I'm happy I got as far as I did in this competition and I will continue but before I do, I want to thank the following people amongst others who took me there.
-Myne Whitman: I dey hail oh..
-Muyiwa-Limelite People- www.celebregion.com: Oga, I can't forget you naa..
-Seye Writes-www.seye.blogspot.com: hun hun lol..
-Yankeenaijababe-YNC Lounge: a friend after my heart
-BBB-madam who branded me a marketer lol.. Lol, chei! na wah..
-K-bloggers: Hmmm, your immediate support was wonderful,where's my cake?
-Waffarian-Omo, your support I tell you surpasses every oh.. 
-Bombshell-Atlanta's sexiest Geek-My 'gossip partner' you're the best!
-Sosexy-You,I reserve my words for a proper mail.
-Juanita-Thank you so much for uploading the WE ARE JOS banner and writing that post about Jos.Many thanks.
-F- you voted for me and you won! You've a spirit I want to emulate,I'm really touched too.Congrats baby!Welcome to WE ARE JOS.
-Sting-Dear dear, thank you for everything.
-Sassy Trends-Thank you so much for giving me the much needed support.
-Sylvia From Over The Hill- Thank you, Thank you so much.
I want to mention www.jobsfornaija.com, you are like a sister to me and you know that.Thank you so much for your support.


seye said...

Is it just hun hun you'd write for me? You couldn't do a proper story on how seye of seye.blogspot.com flew you personally to the sauna and then flew you back and then showed you how to pick inspiration and how not to.


k_bloggers said...

ha ha, your welcome. congrats, I guess this calls for cake. lol. get well soon. xx

Juanita said...

Congratulations on getting the job. And no problem, anytime :)
Get well soon.

Suru said...

Congratulations on the job. I hope you get well soon please try to see a doctor just to get checked and make sure everything is alright. I'm sorry I've been a little M.I.A lately but I sent you an email. Also I want us to develop We Are Jos even more. Take care!

muyiwa said...

ok thanks for mentioning

gidiasianbabe said...

ooh babe,hope it went well,take care

histreasure said...

double congrats..on the win and the job..many more blessings your way..and no, let no way despise you cos of your youth..u will do well, just show them the stuff you r made of..

congrats again!

2cute4u said...

@ Seye..you missed taking me this weekend oh..Lol.

@ K-bloggers..Thank you so much..

@Juanita..Thanks for caring..

@Muyiwa..I sure should dear..

@Gidiashianbabe..Thank you so much dear.So sorry I skipped your name, I should be flogged.

@histreasure..Wow.Thank you so much for your for your kind words..I'm in debt.

Fragilelooks said...

bn lost. so lost. congrats stil. realy ul make a gud markerter.

2cute4u said...

@ Fragile looks..Lol..Ehennnn, You're looking for my trouble oh.. LoL..Thank you so much.Me? Marketer? I hear you!I'm a very shy person I tell you.

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry for not commenting on your blog, I blame meeting you on facebook, lol. Thanks for everything, you're really the best and it's no mystery on your promotion. I'm sure you deserve it.