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Monday, April 26, 2010


I’m not someone who usually pays any special attention to what I like or do not. I go with the flow and my mood. My mood and desires change frequently.
But out of the tremendous respect and love I have for SURU, I have to give in to this post. It’s those you like that you tag; (that’s not saying if I don’t mention you that I don’t like you oh...Biko, see me!)
So I’d just say whatever, yeah? And please accept it that way:

1.      I love chocolates to a point of no return; I love my biscuits covered in chocolate cream; it’s that bad. I go without food (well, I hate food) and can feed on that for days on end.

2.    I love my ice cream and can’t do without it even for a day.

3.    I love keeping shape and can not spare my body in a bit to achieving that, therefore, I run for miles on end, swim, dance for hours then finally use the sauna.

4.    I love my rock music. It keeps me when all else lets go.

5.    I love my privacy, my company and would love to see no one invade it.

6.    I love my series! Would watch it and not mind depriving myself of sleep, especially, romance, intrigue, action and drama.

7.    I so love to chew gum! So please be warned that when you get to meet me, you’d have to tolerate that about me.

8.    I love mixing my perfumes so no one will be none the wiser to what I’m actually using; same goes for my make-up, I mix like 4 lipsticks to get my desired colour and also my eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation and powder and still it just looks light, mild.

9.    I love to make my friends and everyone around me happy and I love to joke a lot, half of my discussions with friends are filled with jokes, can’t help it, I poke fun at them and love to see them smile.

10.I love spending time in your company, blogging, reading up your experiences, contributing, seeing you reply my comments, reply my mails, when you call me, I just love the smile that emanates from deep within, Your text messages just show me you think of me and care.
 I tag, Seye, Muyiwa, Rene, Yankeenaijababe, Afrobabe, Sylvia from across the hill,Kristla, Juanita , Michelle Bombshell-Alanta’s sexiest geek, Omotee, K-bloggers,(please add yourselves), the list goes on…….

Then I composed a poem that is at the moment untitled, I wrote it smiling. I haven’t smiled in a while so you can imagine, enjoy:

“Having no hope for relief,
    There you were,
      Was like coming up for fresh air-
         These feelings you’ve awoken,
            Buried and forgotten.
              What I feel?
                 Still hard to grasp.
                    You for real?
                      Still pondering.
                     Yet this urge to be close to you,
                        I will not quench.
                            Dare I say I’m a fool?
                              For you, I don’t mind
                                You’re like an wrapped up gift,
                                  Unwrapping you gives me so much pleasure,
                                    The discoveries, a sweet balm to my hungry                 heart                  
                                     And I know I haven’t gotten to the good part yet,
                                          I must say this:
                                             You intrigue me,
                                               I’m enjoying getting to know you;
                                                  I don’t mind going all the way.

Myne, what do you think? 


NakedSha said...

Nice list!

I mix perfumes too (with sense sha)...

shorty said...

Love the poem too.

shorty said...

Nice list we have things in common. I soo much like chocolates too, anything that has flavours chocolate is definitely the one i would choose.

Afronuts said...

How do u manage being a sweet tooth with keeping in shape?
Wish I could do that and be so accurate at it.

Hmm..Number 10...who are u referring to? Oe did u get carried away writing that?

Fragilelooks said...

bn a bad kitty wit dis family. spank me. spank me. spank me.


YAY for rock music. Gospel rock songs drive me crazy! Chris Tomlin, Planetshakers, Parachute band and so on are my favourites.
Me I dont like ladies chewing gum sha =P


k_bloggers said...

great we kinda hv somethings in common, u'll see when i put up mine... X

yankeenaijababe said...

I already did my tag, Ms.O tagged me.

I love your tag, chocolates...ice cream and chewing gum, I like a lot. Keeping others happy, so nice of you.

Myne Whitman said...

Chewing gum, that was unexpected, not many people do it these days. I love Chocolate and ice cream too.

I love that poem. It reminded me of something I would write. Is it for real? LOL. It is very good indeed, hope to see it on Naija Stories.

muyiwa said...

if u chew gum for my side ,u go hear am,thanks for tagging

Omotee! said...

we got some things in common, think chocs! i'll do my tag too.

and i looooooooooove that poem, it got me mushy mushy, hope the "person" got to read it? very nice!

T.Notes said...

"..You’re like an wrapped up gift,
Unwrapping you gives me so much pleasure...."

I like that bit, has a picturesque feel to it, such that i was imagining somebody actually wrapped up like a snickers bar;)

2cute4u said...

Lol, You all make me feel so appreciated.
@NakedSha..Hmmm, coded chic!

@Shorty..Thanks babe!Hmmm These chocs,mehn, we partners already!lol.

@Afronuts, lol, I gotta try.I have to oh..Lol..Yeah, I got carried away writing it oh..I really did..Still smiling now.

@Fragilelooks.Lol, You're forgive darling..

@LDP...Lol, you must like me oh..By fire by force! Just even told a friend to send me some new gospel rock songs..

@K-bLOGGERS, lol.. Haaa, can't wait.

@Yankeenaijababe..Lol..Babe how you dey?

@Myne,Hmmm, them sweet tooth!I'm glad you like the poem, Will also give in to you and out it up on Naijastories.Yeah, its for real.

@Muyiwa..Lol..Don't worry till I see you,you must like am oh!

@Omotee..So that means I'd be getting chocs from you and the bra for my birthday abi?lol. Glad you like the poem, and yeah he got to read it oh..Thing is, I had to reply the one he wrote for me on his blog(your ear don stand abi)Not telling you who..He sha LOVEEEED it!

@T.Notes..Fancy meeting you here.I knew you were going to put 'your touch' to it.

Thank you all for coming.

NaijaBizCom said...

lovely post