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Friday, April 30, 2010


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You must be wondering about the heading I used for this post but just you read through;
I have no reservations about G-strings; they make you sexy, daring yeah?
I even get to wear these when I am wearing some tight skirts or pants and don’t want my panty-line to be defined.
But sometimes when I see some ‘bums’ wearing these things, I marvel.
I have a married friend whose bum is as wide as my hands when I open them to embrace a big person and she says that her husband can’t stand seeing her wear boxer panties or full pants. I asked her about just wearing real lacy or sheer panties and she still says not admitted in her bedroom.
I don’t you, but apart from the few g-strings I have for such tighties when I wear them, I’m the lacy panties and boxer panties chick any day.
G-strings make me so uncomfortable and sort of itch and I marvel at the craze, (yeah, I heard, it makes you feel sexy and your hubby or boyfriend wants you more-eyes rolling- yeah right!)
I had this crush on this guy I was almost going gaga for and went to pay him a visit and then when he went to have his bath and he was dressing up, he wore his g-strings and came to show me; Kai!I died and woke up, my attraction for him started dying from that day. All the time we were hanging that evening I kept thinking that this guy had on a g-string. I may be old fashioned, but abeg that I cannot take.
Then when I was in law school, I had this friend I used to go visit her in her room (who incidentally is the chick whose hubby can’t stand anything other than G-strings or thongs) this girl would even wear g-strings when she’s in her period and anyone looking will notice it. I mean, what the heck is that?! And not like she’s comfortable with it oh, that’s how she’d keep adjusting and re-adjusting. I tire!
Please wear that which you feel comfortable in.I beg you. There are still some small panties that are small and not full and would still look real sexy.
G Strings

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Please do. I love you to bits.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I’m not someone who usually pays any special attention to what I like or do not. I go with the flow and my mood. My mood and desires change frequently.
But out of the tremendous respect and love I have for SURU, I have to give in to this post. It’s those you like that you tag; (that’s not saying if I don’t mention you that I don’t like you oh...Biko, see me!)
So I’d just say whatever, yeah? And please accept it that way:

1.      I love chocolates to a point of no return; I love my biscuits covered in chocolate cream; it’s that bad. I go without food (well, I hate food) and can feed on that for days on end.

2.    I love my ice cream and can’t do without it even for a day.

3.    I love keeping shape and can not spare my body in a bit to achieving that, therefore, I run for miles on end, swim, dance for hours then finally use the sauna.

4.    I love my rock music. It keeps me when all else lets go.

5.    I love my privacy, my company and would love to see no one invade it.

6.    I love my series! Would watch it and not mind depriving myself of sleep, especially, romance, intrigue, action and drama.

7.    I so love to chew gum! So please be warned that when you get to meet me, you’d have to tolerate that about me.

8.    I love mixing my perfumes so no one will be none the wiser to what I’m actually using; same goes for my make-up, I mix like 4 lipsticks to get my desired colour and also my eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation and powder and still it just looks light, mild.

9.    I love to make my friends and everyone around me happy and I love to joke a lot, half of my discussions with friends are filled with jokes, can’t help it, I poke fun at them and love to see them smile.

10.I love spending time in your company, blogging, reading up your experiences, contributing, seeing you reply my comments, reply my mails, when you call me, I just love the smile that emanates from deep within, Your text messages just show me you think of me and care.
 I tag, Seye, Muyiwa, Rene, Yankeenaijababe, Afrobabe, Sylvia from across the hill,Kristla, Juanita , Michelle Bombshell-Alanta’s sexiest geek, Omotee, K-bloggers,(please add yourselves), the list goes on…….

Then I composed a poem that is at the moment untitled, I wrote it smiling. I haven’t smiled in a while so you can imagine, enjoy:

“Having no hope for relief,
    There you were,
      Was like coming up for fresh air-
         These feelings you’ve awoken,
            Buried and forgotten.
              What I feel?
                 Still hard to grasp.
                    You for real?
                      Still pondering.
                     Yet this urge to be close to you,
                        I will not quench.
                            Dare I say I’m a fool?
                              For you, I don’t mind
                                You’re like an wrapped up gift,
                                  Unwrapping you gives me so much pleasure,
                                    The discoveries, a sweet balm to my hungry                 heart                  
                                     And I know I haven’t gotten to the good part yet,
                                          I must say this:
                                             You intrigue me,
                                               I’m enjoying getting to know you;
                                                  I don’t mind going all the way.

Myne, what do you think? 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The AfterMATH....

I'm so sorry I haven't been frequent on blogsville for a while;
And to think I've not thanked everyone who voted for me on Naijastories! Mehn that contest really landed me in hot water with my boss and my health.
I've always just written exams and not cared whether there were votes or not so when it seemed like votes will determine the future of the results, I kinda froze on office work till oga had to tell me to choose! See me see wahala Oh.. So my overtime didn't count for anything in this my dire time of need and desperation abi? Oya  don't worry, you'd see me again come in for overtime.
As per my health,I fell ill and still am.My whole body hurts and I just never want to leave my bed..
I'm traveling tomorrow,I'd soon be leaving my present job for a better job but a very sensitive one at that.Some people are beginning to say I'm  far too young for it and single too, that I should get married before getting the appointment but as far as I'm concerned, if a man gets intimidated because of my status, then he really isn't the one.End of story.


You have no idea how happy I am to be receiving a copy of A HEART TO MEND by Myne Whitman, for free,knowing that I'm an 'awuf' chic to the core, it gladdens my heart to no end.
I'm happy I got as far as I did in this competition and I will continue but before I do, I want to thank the following people amongst others who took me there.
-Myne Whitman: I dey hail oh..
-Muyiwa-Limelite People- www.celebregion.com: Oga, I can't forget you naa..
-Seye Writes-www.seye.blogspot.com: hun hun lol..
-Yankeenaijababe-YNC Lounge: a friend after my heart
-BBB-madam who branded me a marketer lol.. Lol, chei! na wah..
-K-bloggers: Hmmm, your immediate support was wonderful,where's my cake?
-Waffarian-Omo, your support I tell you surpasses every oh.. 
-Bombshell-Atlanta's sexiest Geek-My 'gossip partner' you're the best!
-Sosexy-You,I reserve my words for a proper mail.
-Juanita-Thank you so much for uploading the WE ARE JOS banner and writing that post about Jos.Many thanks.
-F- you voted for me and you won! You've a spirit I want to emulate,I'm really touched too.Congrats baby!Welcome to WE ARE JOS.
-Sting-Dear dear, thank you for everything.
-Sassy Trends-Thank you so much for giving me the much needed support.
-Sylvia From Over The Hill- Thank you, Thank you so much.
I want to mention www.jobsfornaija.com, you are like a sister to me and you know that.Thank you so much for your support.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not that I don’t have ideas to put down at this point in time but I’m just too tensed and stressed so I’d digress a bit.
I want to thank Seye of http://seye.blogspot.com for mentioning me on his blog; it was real sweet of him.
He’s a passionate guy: at least with his words; tales of him? For another day.
This contest on www.naijastories.com has me all wired up I sincerely hope it would come to an end with me as a winner of course (Lol), I simply do not know why I entered for the contest and I didn’t know I would get this far, but I hate losing and that means I keep pushing and all.
I was awake all night because I was feeling listless and my friend, TochUcool had to practically scream at me to go to bed (ofcourse, I didn’t listen to him but kept whining) He burnt the rice he was cooking cause of me. Don’t worry; I’d cook lots of pots for you when you return.
I’d do a proper post of all my friends when this is all over.

It’s been 10years since you passed away and I still can’t believe it. I deliberately skipped your memorial service as I wonder how life would have been had you still been here and I just can’t stand not having you here.
Still, I appreciate your memory and pray that the peace you stopped having 2yrs before you left is now in abundance cause, you deserve it. I love you and I always will. Without you, where would I be?

Now a friend of mine who works with MTN keeps sending me text messages. I find them interesting so I’ve saved all of them, No, most. Prior to her getting this job she wouldn’t call or text except when it’s absolutely important. Now, she calls you and is all pleasant about it. Now what is of interest to me is I think at the time these communication operators started, they gave their employees limitless call time (correct me if I’m wrong) Now they are all so stingy about it. I hear Glo doesn’t even give at all. (Correct me too if I’m wrong) I wonder what brought this on. They abused the privilege maybe?
These are the text messages:

1. Wateva u give a woman be prepared to receive sumtin biger out of it. Give her sperm and she wil give u a baby. Give her a house and she wil make it a home. Give her groceries n she wil give u a meal. Give her love n she will give her heart. She multiplies n enlarges wateva she is given so if u give her crap be ready to receive a ton of shit.
2. Husband koms 4rm church: greets his wife and lifts her up. He karies her around d house. D wife is so suprisd & asks ‘’did d pastor preach abt being romantic?’’ D husband sed ‘’ no, he sed we must kary our burdens & sorrows….lol.
3. Jet li has it but its short, Arnold Schwarzenegger has it but it’s long. Pope has it but doesn’t use it. Men pass it 2 women when they marry. What is it?
4. Ex Convict breaks into a house, ties up husband and wife. He jumps on wife, kisses her ear, and then runs to the bathroom. Husband whispers to wife ‘’satisfy him or he’ll kill us. I saw the way he kissed you, just be strong, I love you.’’ Wife replies, ‘’he didn’t kiss me; he whispered that he’s gay, he’s looking for Vaseline. I told him it’s in the bathroom. Please be strong, I love you’’
5. D GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. Pastor:if dia’s nbody hia dat dos nt want dis couple 2b joined 2geda in holy matrimony, he or she should speak out now’ A man 4rm the end of the church stood up and walked 2wards the altar. As d bride saw d man comin closer, she fainted. D bridegroom & whole congregation wia in confusion. Wen d man got 2d front, d pastor asked, ‘’Y dnt u want dis pple 2b joined 2geda? Man: ‘’I cld nt hear ur voice clearly4rm d bak sir, so I decided 2com & tel u dat d speaker is faulty.

Okay, this is the much I can handle for this post and I think I feel so much better now.
Please keep uploading the WE ARE JOS banner on your blogs and sites. Don’t stop believing that I love you all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


-Did you know that some fish do change sex automatically and naturally? Except cat-fish of course.
-Why is it that when someone says :’’ No offence’’ they then proceed to say something that offends or annoys you?
Have you ever thought of them saying:’’ Don’t take it the hard way’’ then say stuff to you that you just can’t swallow?

I have this habit of not letting go of stuff that I love even when they’ve outlived their purpose.
For instance, I have this bra my mum got for me in 2002, purple in color with girlie designs; I’ve refused to throw this bra away. I just don’t keep it, like for keep sakes but I wear it. Did I just see your mouth open? Na you sabi, wetin concern me?
It has survived many boyfriend regimes and they all tell me they love the bra! Nway, those who actually know me do know don’t read my blog and even if they do, they won’t reconcile the two personalities together, Back to my main tory jare! I always digress and annoyingly so.
I remember one time when I went jogging wearing this favour. Bra, I felt a snap and suddenly my left side boob started ringing bell oh, almost slapped my face with the weight (Ehn? I’m busty, so??) That ended the jogging for that day, I got to my room and jejely tacked my bra.
I can’t count the number of times my mum has had to tack the bra for me till she has vowed not to touch anymore. I realized the other day while doing my laundry that it isn’t purple anymore, what is it now? Let me look at it, gimme a sec, yes, I’m wearing it, Una wait .Ok I really can’t say what color it’s heading towards. Woulda shown you but I have it on, so, another time, perhaps?

I had a meeting to attend outside town, ‘was scheduled to see someone on behalf of WE ARE JOS,I had spent more than my budget so I couldn’t afford to lodge in an hotel for as long as I was supposed to but stayed at a male colleague’s whose also a close friend. I had none of the pressing worries of whether he’d pounce on me at night except that he did something else.

He wet the bed.

When I woke up (I sabi sleep deep) I was wet, haba! I touched my shorts and brought my fingers to my nose and... Iyama…! Urine! Of a 33year old man! When that of a child can be horrible imagine that of a grown man. I was so weak; I had to ask him how far? What’s up? He apologized and he’s been having some problems for a while, that he’s agitated. And so I thought in my mind: when you get married and are agitated, you’d pee on your wife abi? And to think he’s one bachelor so many chicks are pining for, Na wa!
Now people, what would make a man wet his bed? Is it psychological, spiritual or a weakness of the bladder? Just plain laziness and inability to get up or no reflexes? I have no idea. I‘d have to find out but if you do have an idea, do let me know because I’d like to help him out.
Thank you so much for supporting WE ARE JOS and for following. I love you all; Now and always. Please do visit http://helpnigeria.blogspot.com