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LIMITLESS is an ongoing discovery about a ways of life and how to rise above your challenges. I started this walk in 2009, I stopped, then I came back to my first love. Let's keep doing this people, that way, we would never give up!

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Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello, friends, fiends, lovers, pepperbodys,admirers...hmmmm..  everyone, infact.I promised myself. I won't be cheeky this year.. but  I don't really fare well with resolutions,resolves, if I must marry this year(lol) I'm told that I curb that attitude,that that's my biggest flaw..Imagine!So I can't  be myself again 'cause I dey find husband huh?Abegi!fi mi sile jo!
Anyway, ladies, guys, you gotta try.. be better this year.. make an effort.. If not for you, then for those around you... those, who care about you, who you hurt by your actions or your indifference.. So what's up?Honestly, my blog's giving  me wahala oh.. all the blogs i'm following, I can no longer see.They've all been deleted.. which kain thing be this?!
       Anyhow, it's been so crazy for me since this new year,work n all.... not been able to give you all that you've been waiting for and I'm sorry for that.. won't happen again.. I missed you all, my cute followers, bloggers, hookers(blog hookers, I mean.. lol..)and your yarns..kept thinking of you,was so lonely out there without y'll .. I'd give you what you need.. love you..