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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Man:"Love is like the  little red toy wagon you get for christmas or your sixth birthday.
        It makes you deliriously happy and you just can't leave it alone.But sooner or
         later the wheels come off.Then you leave it in a corner and forget it.Falling
         in love is great.Being in love is a disaster."

Man1"What about women,do you think they feel the same way since they claim to
            think as men think?"

Man  " Women's lib think that we have power and control over their lives. In it's way
            that's as stupid as a guy's thinking women are purer sexually than men.Women will
            fuck  anybody , anytime, anyplace, except that they're afraid of talk. Women's Lib
            bullshits about the fraction of a percent of men who have power .
             Those guys are not men.They're not even  human- That's whose place women have to take.
             They don't know you have to  kill to get there".
 Man1  "You're on of those men"

Man      "Yeah,And metaphorically I had to kill.What women will get is what men have.
                  Which is shit.Ulcers  and heart attacks.Plus a lot of shitty jobs men hate to do.
                   But I'm all for equality.I'll kill those cunts then.Listen,I'm paying alimony to
                   four healthy broads who can earn their own living.All because they are not equal.

                  Never treat a woman too good.
                Women stick with drunks, gamblers, whore masters and even beater-uppers-
                 They can't stand a sweet good guy.Do you know why?They get bored.
                  They don't want to be happy.It's boring"
               Being in love means making another person the central thing in your life.When that no longer
                exists,it's not love anymore.It's something else.Maybe something better,more practical.
                 Love is basically unfair, unstable, paranoid relationship.Men are worse than women at it.
                 A women an screw a hundred times, not feel like it once and he holds it against her.
                  But it's time that the first step downhill is when she doesn't want to have sex when you.
                      Listen,  there's no excuse.Never mind the headaches.No shit.Once a broad starts turning you
                  down in bed it's all over.Start looking for your backer-upper.Never take an excuse."

   When asked about orgasmic women,who could have 10 orgasms to a man's one,He waved it aside..
Man-  Women don't come like men, for them it's a little "phitt'.Not like guys. Guys realy blow
           their brains with their nuts. Freud was close, but he missed it.Men really fuck.Women don't.
           Young guys today are on the right track.They say t their broads, sure you can fuck anybody you want I'll still love you. They are so full of shit. Listen, any guy who knows a broad will fuck strangers thinks she's a geek"
                   (This comparism really offended and astonished me)
   Man- Most women are just full of shit.Maybe it's their fault.Listen, any broad who doesn't want to
              fuck two days in a row, get rid of her.Unless she has to go to the hospital in an ambulance.
              Even if she has forty stiches in her cunt. I don't care whether she enjoys it or not.Sometimes
              I don't enjoy it and I do it and I have to get a hard-on.That's your job if you love somebody,
              You gotta fuck their brains out.Jesus, I don't know why I keep getting married.I swore I wouldn't
               do it anymore, but I always get conned.I always believe it's not getting married that makes them
                unhappy,They are so full of shit.
                They forget they age worse than men.A guy at fifty can get a lot of young broads.A broad of fifty
                 finds it rough.Sure when they get political power, they'll pass a law so that men of forty or fifty
                get operated on to look older and equal things out. That's how democracy works.That's full
                of shit too.Listen,women have it good.They should not complain.
          "In the old days, they didn't know they had union rights.They couldn't be fired
           no matter how lousy a job they did.Lousy in bed.Lousy in the kitchen.And whoever
            had fun with his wife after a couple of years?And if he did, She was a cunt.
           And now, they want to be equal.Let me at 'em.. I've been married four times.
           And it cost me every penny I made"

Me-When you're in love with a woman, you're getting the best of it even though she's hustling you.You're the guy who's feeling great, you're the guy  who's enjoying every minute.She's the one who's having a lousy time. She's working... You're playing.So why complain when she finally dumps your ass and you know you've been conned?I'd say what goes around comes around.

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nice post, be back soon

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2cute4u said...

Omotee,thanks for stopping by.. please do come back!
shorty shorty.. hmm that all you can say?

ManCee said...

Well, not all men have a legit reason to rant against the women folk and una 'con'.
I do.

2cute4u said...

@ManCee,oh?so share lets know what it is..unburden like 'your guy' did.. how are you?