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Monday, January 25, 2010


continued from last post;
Even my chykers sent without my asking.Now?For where?!Nw I can't even dream of it-It's like I'm dumb or No, that's not it,It's a fruitless attempt asking-The frowns,excuses,insults even,I've advised myself to work harder,make my own money.Na wa!
-I wish I was younger- I had loads of admirers,In school I was so hot, outside, I effortlessly held my own- friends used me to boast-My phones rang ceaselessly.Now?How many chykers do I have?I can count them off on my fingers and they're unserious at that.Every now and then,I have to give them a reminder call that "i'm still here oh" Chei!my own don finish!
-I used to have a killer shape, now I have to work so hard to keep it and intermittedly,I lose it or God smiles on me and I lose some pounds but I have to work so hard at it, damn!
-I just wish that when a friend 's getting married they'd just stop gloating over it;It pisses me off!
We know you're getting married, leave us spinsters in peace!Haba!Time was when I used to be able to eat and drink at weddings without having constipation,Now, I don't get covert glances but glares like... " when will it be your turn?it's your mates wedding that you're eating like a glutton"
The anties and uncles don't help matters,After the initial pleasantries, then straight to the point "when are we coming?"The pressure is just too much!please they should leave me alone!Did I tell you my dad banned me from sewing "aso-ebi"?That half my boxes were filled with such clothes?He also banned me from going to weddings, saying,I'm now a familiar face at weddings ,hence I rarely attend weddings-hmm!only me!
   I could write a book on my wishes..my wouldas,couldas and should have 'beens'. spanning to 1st,2nd and 3rd editions-but what do you wish for?Tell me yours, I'm sure they're not as silly as mine.. 


Funms-the rebirth said...

I wish i could eat all the food in the world without gaining any extra weight

muyiwa said...

ok,at last i can comment here,welldone

2cute4u said...

@ Funms-the rebirth...
thanks for stopping by.. I'm sorry I took this long to reply you.. that wish of yours, more than ever.. is a wish I have everyday.. but i still do.. eat everything i want.. need aprivate way of how I achieve that.. send an email addy.. I'd mail how I do it to you.. that's an appreciation for stopping by.. come back again..

@ Muyiwa... well, thanks for stopping by.. i'd want to say thanks for congratulating me.. but since I aspire to be better, I'd like to know what I did initially that you didn'tt like about my concept..waiting to hear from you..

Anonymous said...

Nice wrk...well done.

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