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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love writing, I really do.I've been told my writing is okay,Could be better,even good, ;been told I should extend my limits.. whatever that means.. 
Now,I move  in circles that reqire me to be in daily contact with good writers,some gifted; some execellent and they all share a common trait. They more often than not,will not help you develop your writing skills;What they do?  Oh they'd point out your faults, make you feel you're grasping at straws and at that point when you need guidance or should say redemption?,They leave you hanging.. 
 They'd give you a piece they worked on while they were still nobodies just to let you know that even then, you are no match to them and that you are way out of your league.
  I've seen them, I've seen them all..
Poets?Give a gifted poet your work to go over.. give you a candid opinion?You know what he does? He  gives you his piece to show you that he can think deeper and in that deep thinking,is creative enough to as to put those words  together in such a way as to appeal even to you thus making you feel awe, yet silly for ever thinking you could be a poet.
  They are all selfish egoistic bastards!
Look,I don't care what you say... This my blog;You either love me or hate me; Acknowledge me or ignore me.. either way,I'd still be me.. 
My blog is all about giving you tips,remedies,solutions, answers to whatever ails you,be able to talk about anything.But I've discovered that I cannot conform myself and my wrting to my original concept... I have to diversify.I'm evolving.. So, yeah evolve with me.. You're not lost;You're still in the right place- FREE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS.
I just got in to this new relationship.(I've not had one in a while) And I'm actually rough around the edges.I find that the excitement I used to feel way back about being in " something new",I no longer have it.He's an extremely busy person and so am I ,even more so.
  The truth?I just don't know what to do anymore.. I don't even know how to act with a man!Surprised ?! I? A woman?cannot handle a man?A laugh right? I wonder if I'm capable of feeling anything..I just guess I should give it time.
    Today,I just want to feel sorry for myself,nag,complain.. Guess I'm feeling a lil disatisfied with life.. Why?Bites me.
My boss owes me lots of arrears of salary and now he seems to have gotten it into his head to pay me in bits and pieces! On facebook,while my friends herald their status updates with expectation of a paycheck or actual celebration of getting a paycheck, I sink deeper into debt and in the realisation that even my arrears might not be paid.. 
My boss has a mistress.Everyday we make money and I just don't know how that lady gets to know when we make money;not only that she brings her folks...Suffice it to say my boss is the breadwinner of that family.
   That brings me to a close friend of mine,He works under a private entepreneur who also shares the same indiscipline as my boss. Now this wonderful friend of mine is an engineer.His boss gets contracts,gets paid for it but squanders the money and hasn't paid his employees for months. My friend barely has a job and to make matters worse,he's just been evicted from his apartment.
He had to distribute his household property to the homes of friends who agreed to acomodate his things. (you know not all friends will help you out) and now he's squatting . I forgot to tell you that his car is at the mechanic's.. Please pray for him on my behalf.. Just help me pray...
 Beside my office is an eatry,a restaurant that half the coporate world around the vicinity where I work,patronise-I always go there.. Why? Hey you don't know.. Just don't assume right now okay?I'd let you know in my next post. Plus expect in my next blog,to know  5 MORE THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH HONEY...
keep a date with me will ya?.. love you all.. 


Mista Jaycee said...

Hi 2 Cute,
Well, as a writer, I had to pry myself away from my whiskey bottle to come by and read you. Don't worry, It will be a least 2 minutes before I get the shakes.
Now, as to your writing. My Writing Teacher and Friend, Odie Hawkins has drilled it into me to write a Character sketch detailing the Physical, Mental and Social aspects of each major character. If they are minor characters that might just say one line you don't have to. The more details you imagine the more life-like and three dimensional the character.

Check out The art of Dramatic Writing by Lagos Egri and The Elements of style, and On Writing by Stephen King.

Last, join Stephen Barnes Lifewriting course on line. It's free and he's got great stuff.

Well, getting the shakes, gotta go and whiskey, I mean Write. PS are you following my blogs?

2cute4u said...

Hey Mista Jaycee
first of all, wanna thank you for taking time out of sipping your whiskey, No, time from writing.. (sorry, my bad.. lol)to drop by .. im honoured.. (blushes)..
well I say, would other writers were like you.. I'm sure there won't be lots of frustrated writer wanna-bes..who now tend bars or whatever.. and discuss there supposed ambition with lovers who know no better.. Like I said.. I'm most grateful and will be doing some learning and reading..
Ive been a follower of your blog.. CHOICE OF WEAPONS for a while now.. i'm a fan!.. so please promote your 'baby's' blog lol... so I could be better and have more followers..
What say you? thanks for stopping by.. I'm touched..

Azazel said...

Lol @ miss Jaycee..
THis is awesome 2cute..
Shey u see me now lol.
Consider urself followed

2cute4u said...

@ Azazel.. wow hotshot!thanks for stopping by.. lol.. keeping following.. I'd be watching you..

ManCee said...

This post sounds more like a venting to me.
*chuckle* Well we allhave our moments jare...
You apparently WANT to write and write well. Lemme tell you this...'relax a bit'. Try not to write because you want to/need to. Let the moment come to you...
Remember, your word processor is your friend, use it.
If I can find them, I'd send U names of some software to help you rhyme. If we were to meet by some magic, I might be able to give U the software-if I find 'em, that is.
Badderchic told me once, to get followers, go to other ppl's blogs, follow 'em, leave comments, be nice if possible. Most importantly, BE INTERESTING.
Stay smiling.

BSNC said...

You don't have to follow all those writes to be a good writers. Just write what you feel and you will be unique in your way.

You feeling down, don't worry you will be okay.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my previous post. That really touched me. Abeg don't be like me o, be better okay. Take care dear..

Omotee! said...

hmm, writing skills, wish i could be bothered enough to improve them, u're good tho.

whats with irresponsible bosses these days?? they are so many!

its well

Don Moxie said...

luv ur blog...and lots of tanx to mr Jaycee

2cute4u said...

@ Mancee...I just dey hail oh.. you know the time and energy you dedicated to my write.. amazing.. I should probably build not just a tent but a mansion in your space.. cus boy, you're man, you're really caring.. how work?hope good/
Not that I just pick up a pen and write.. like you said, I write I get that feeling, like I am now.. (lol)
Please keep coming back, cus.. I could do with some more encouragement from you..
P.S I know say I greedy.. sorry I took this long..had to get me a new laptop.. so now my eye dey red..

@BSNC....aha.. the queen has landed,lol..thanks for the heads up.. and yes with your encouragement, I can do better..
'Know youre pressed for school work but please, don't stay out too long.. so i don't miss you more than I already do..
take care.. xoxo.
@Omotee..madam,how are you?sorry I took this long to reply.. had to get a new laptop, imagine what it cost me what with my boss not doing me good.. as e dey me, I fit sell person now oh..lol.. no fear..
Thank you so much for appreciating my writing skills.. leave all those people wey no comment, mchewwwww!'want you to know that i really appreciate you..
@Don Moxie,oh sweetie, thank you, tried going to your blog but i couldn't, how far?stay cool.. like say you dey freezer,kisses!

2cute4u said...

@ mancee.. man.. where you at? I really need those software abeg,biko, ejoo,daga allah.. please , try and reply..