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Monday, February 15, 2010


I had the worst Val day ever.. It was kind of something that I had expected; but since I wasn’t looking forward to it, I didn’t know that all the stuff; goings-on of Val will affect me. I made sure of that by extricating myself from any cobweb. Still, it found me where I was hiding.
I received a call from a guy who I was dated and had agreed with to date again... Remember the guy I mentioned in I’M EVOLVING? Yeah, that one, the boyfriend/relationship that I wasn’t feeling? The guy called to tell me this; I think its better I relay the conversation as it took place:

Guy: Hey what’s up? How you?

Me: I’m ok, Happy Val, so you finally called. How far?
Guy: I’m good.

Me: How’s work? Life? What are you doing for Val?

Guy: Well, see, there’s something that I need to discuss with you.. Thing is the reason why I’ve been distant and not acting like the man in your life is I don’t think I can marry you.(sighs)

Guy: Are you there? Hello?

Me: I’m here, go on.

Guy: Yeah, I can’t marry like I told you and thing is when I’m ready, You won’t even be among those I’d choose. Just thought I told you so that you don’t keep waiting you know.. I care enough about you to disappoint you.. We are friends first before any other thing. Sorry.

You all don’t know me but since I’ve gotten a lot of stabs on the back, I never let my enemy(yes, that’s what he is now) know when he /she has hurt me. In fact, that’s when I’m most playful and jovial..So,I ask this fool why at least for posterity sake he can’t even consider me for marriage. He says:

Guy: You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful, and you know it and you’re fun to be with (I give him the “fuck you” finger through the phone)But the thing is your too intelligent, successful and assertive for my liking, We’d always be quarrel and I can’t stand it.. One day, because I know myself, I’d wake up, pack a single bag and you’d never see me.

Me: So that’s all?

When he said that was it, I heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Cause this is someone I barely bug. I’m too busy with work to do the normal things chics to with guys they say they’re dating. Besides, I wasn’t feeling anything so what the heck? In my heart, I said screw him, Good riddance
To bad rubbish..Mcheeew.. But somehow, I was hurt, I mean, I always get to be the one to give reasons why I don’t want to settle down with a particular guy, and now someone was dishing out to me? And for the wrong reasons for that matter..
Mehn fuck and fuck guys, ladies who screw with peoples emotions without a thought for the next person..
I hope you get your medicine. So, I’m free, I wasn’t in bondage but at least one suitor to be off my hand. .God is sure deleting the garbage and is gradually leading me towards the right person.
I also had serious calls from two exs and we each stayed on the phone chatting away, Like me, they didn’t have any special people (No be by force).
How did yours go? The truth! Not a purified or edited version, I’m sure someone else’s Val was as crazy or silly as mine.. Talk, we dissect am jare, nothing do you.

PS.Special thanks to fragile looks, writefreak,myne Whitman, Sylvia from across the hill, Reformed slut, akaBagucci, naijaprincess234, AJ, BBB and Mwajim Al for taking out the time to offer me this advice.. I’m so honored you all..
Remain blessed you all, as always, I love you.


Bombchell said...

I hope thats fiction cuz if not the guy really performed a bastardly act. wtf calling someone on Vals day to say that ish???? infact who says that?? just say Im not interested simple >_< he's quite mean, so your better off without him

2cute4u said...

@ bombshell,thank you so much for dropping by. and thanks for the support, I'm touched.

Bombchell said...

no problem, u know people tell you who they are. he said the thing is your too intelligent, successful and assertive for my liking...I know myself, I’d wake up, pack a single bag and you’d never see me.

WTF??? u dont want that in your life. pray, & thank heaven, because no one deserves that. if you think this is hurt, imagine him with you and walking out when yall have 4 kids.

2cute4u said...

I was real hurt when we ended the conversation, i feel momentarily useless.. you know, then it hit me that better now than later.. I honestly didn't love him, but then, you get to want someone discuss with on a platonic level i mean.. he also said he like a lady who doesn't express her feelings and who'd rather suffer in silence(he really did say that)someone who'd not challenge is rise.. bottomline a lady who's redundant and in his shadow

Anonymous said...

Ah, now i may comment!
And you know some guys don't find an intelligent woman attractive b/c they feel they have to be the one who knows all and the woman is suppose to submit. Don't even trip miss, a guy who cannot applaud and support your astounding qualities doesn't need your attention. Move on.

Repressed One said...

DA Hell?? What a douchebag!!! You're so much better off, dear.

All these retards parading as men sef...mschew.

Rene said...

he's insecure and he admitted it, u should be a tad bit happy dt u're not going to spend ur life with a loser like him....gezz
i really don't know what to say but if u want to talk sugarplumrene@gmail.com but one thing i know for sure, a better guy is on the way.
By the way, i feel you, i get how it feel when d guy u're nt really feeling tells u something like this, mine wasn't this bad but i get d pain 'i don't want u but what u said hurts'

mail me

histreasure said...

Bombchell just said my mind ..cos i was like..wtf? on val's day..guy's a retard for sure but thank God he's outta ur life!!

Waffarian said...

Personally, I don't listen to anybody that says things to make me feel bad about myself. And guys seem to be experts when it comes to judging a woman's character. All of a sudden, they become psychologists and behavourial therapists. Bullshit.

Given a chance, they will enjoy telling you "why" they can not marry you. What is the point? if not just to let you know that they can "choose" and they did not choose you. Its just to make them feel powerful and you listening to that kind of talk, enables that kind of feeling.

Next time a man wants to inform you of his reasons why he can not "marry" you. I beg you, tell him you are not interested. Since he is not going to, then there is no point. He should free himself.

I think people who always have to put others down for whatever reason, are mean human beings.

Sure, he gave you compliments, you are intelligent, beautiful, etc but the real line underneath all these, was "even with all you have, you are not good enough for me".

Please, next time, do not ask for reasons. Anybody that wants to go, let them go.

Recently, a man called me wanting to give me "advice"...for wetin? he said it will be helpful for when I meet other guys...????? You know why? That would have been a way indirectly to put me down. He would have started mentioning things in my character, etc etc. For what?

I told him if he feels like taking stock of whatever we had, he should do so with himself. I am not interested in anything that is the past. He kept insisting that he wants to give me advice.

Abeg abeg, at my age, I don't fall for all those yarns anymore.

Nobody cares about their reasons. They should keep it to themselves.

Take care...

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Now dat is some valentine

BBB said...

arrant nonsense
who send am!!!!!

can u imagine d rubbish
good riddance to bad nonsense
we dont even need would-be men in our lives
see his stupid reasons sef
i pity the girl that ends up with him
abeg give us his name so we will steer clear lol

alls well thats ends well
i agree with u God is really ridding us of nonsense

PS thanks for stopping by mine

muyiwa said...

You know this your blog is becoming more of you not free answers to your questions again,lol,and is your post a fact or fiction cos its funny for a guy to talk to a lady like that

chayoma said...

Is this dude intimidated by you? or what? u too intelligent, yadiyadiya...
Like u said, 1 less to worry about.
My Vday, was just that, anoda day in my not-so-spicy life. cooked, had wine, had a couple of single ladies over, watched movies... went to sleep. that was it! Yea, plus the calls from the exs n stalkerazzis...n txts... lol. LIFE!

Tisha said...

my ex asked me out again. (annoying thing is that he is a really nice guy; perfect if that was what i wanted, at the time i dated him, he was safe but i can't do lifetime with him)
some silly nigga from my place is bugging ma phone but i smell phony from a mile away and a guy from ma place does not have any hope for me.

so vals day was what i wanted it to be. did not want to be dating any1. tell ur ex to go to hell; i mean misplace himself.

Tisha said...

sorry to say, but you dated a loser. be glad you are rid of him. pray for a good man.

Fragilelooks said...

Is tis a joke of some sort? NO NO NO NO CHANCE IN THE DEEPEST PART OF HELL. mehn wot kinda idiot is he. pls my dear, u're 2cute4him. The Best one wil come. Pray and kip believing GOD.

Suru said...

really, on valentines day? This guy walking out of your life seems like a blessing. Honestly a guy that says he will walk out on a woman that he knows is great is not to be trusted. You definitely deserve better.

Fragilelooks said...

Jst dnt boda ur sweet head abt him ok.

JuaNita said...

Death to all men!!! I kid.Glad you got rid of the EXCESS garbage. So he doesn't like you coz you're wayyyy to smart for him..idiot! signed and underlined.

2cute4u said...

I better reply before I lose track and I wouldn't want that..
First off, here wihen I digress and like narrate stories like I mentioned in my post, I'M EVOLVING, I want you to know that the stories that come up here are real.. Really bad things happen to people.. messy stuff.. I happen to be one of such people.. Hence my blog-FREE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS..
For all intents and purposes, "help" really happened to me and 2 days later this happened to me on Val's day..

Virgin Queen, I totally get your point, thank you so much for stopping by..and lol, thanks for commenting..
@ Repressed One.. he really is an excuse for a man and yeah a douche bag.. I'm drinking to that. thanks for the support..
@Rene.. I knew you'd come to my rescue.., thanks and thank you for taking it personal, love you to bits..
@Hitreasure, yeah? I'm still thanking God.. thanks for your support..
@Waffarian.. Even me sef bow for your comment.. thank you so much for going all the way.. The support and the raking,lol, all combined to make me better, lol.. I get your drift totally..
@ Harry, YEAH?was really a strange day..
@BBB.. thank you so much for staying this long here.. hmm.. I spare no thought for the chic oh.. I don waka pass.. He even said he has like 6-7 women waiting just to hear a women that It's them he has choosen.. see champion oh.. I tire..
@muyiwa, no, not a fiction, and i'm evolving, evolve with me.This is still FREE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS..
@Chayoma.. my darl, you had quite the ideal day jo, which was exactly what I planned except the gathering with friends.. until the alligator pepper came and ruined it.. Nonsense and chocolate!
Tisha.. oh? I get what you mean, some guys are perfect boyfriend materials but not husband materials..Like you, marrying a guy from my place isn't on my agenda at all.. just have fun OK?thank you so much for the solidarity..Thank you for caring..
@Fragile looks, with you here i sure as hell won't .. thanks for coming through for me on 'help' and now.. love u much much.
@Suru..Thank you so much my first friend.. lol.. how are you.. thanks for the advice.. better now than later, yeah?xoxo
Finally JuaNita..lol, lets drink to that.. thank you so much for dropping by.. love you..
so thank you much much for caring, and coming to my rescue.. I'm touched.. I'm a better person cause BLOGSVILLE cared.
Blowing kisses your way..

Reformed Slut said...

What a dip shit! Sorry your Val Day sucked. (((sigh)))

2cute4u said...

@ Reformed Slut, it really did but i'm better now.. thanks..

onosetale(damsel) said...

im sorry about that, waffarian said it all! the guy is a fool, his loss not urs and I dont know what in Gods creation would make any woman settle with him for the long run!!

When u let God write ur love story u wont regret it...im learning that now

2cute4u said...

@ damsel, thank you so much for dropping by.. Involving God is the approach I've learnt to use myself...you're right on that. cheers.Please come back..

FFF said...

d man no well