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Thursday, February 25, 2010


In the face of this violence and mayhem, all they could do was watch as they lost all they had and have ever known.
         In my thoughts, I wonder what would actually be going on the head of these rescue teams assigned..the sacrilege is just too much.
                   Remember the village that was wiped out? yeah.. they were removed when they had started decaying, the twenty-two children who weren't spared and the wells that were stuffed with dead bodies.. Hmm. tell me, where did the survivors run to? where are they? Do you have an inkling to how they survive each day?
how long do you think this help, relief will continue without external help from you?me?us?how long?


chayoma said...

This is soo sad.

muyiwa said...

ummm na sooo,i feel you,i have seen some horrible pics of this mayhem on my friends phone that just came back from Nigeria,thats crazy

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Tragic indeed.

2cute4u said...

@chayoma.. Thank you for coming.. if you're really interested, contact me:fit2bimi@yahoo.co.uk
@Muyiwa.. You,oga have been MIA.. kilode?reply my mails will you? thank you ever so much.
@Poetry in the Global Box.. thank you so very much for coming.. hope you'd give when the time comes yeah?heading to yours in a bit..

Unbreakable said...

See this is the great thing about blogging you get to find things out that happening in little corners of the world that no one cares to report on.

Thanks for sharing tragic story.

onosetale(damsel) said...

WOW.so much is going on in Nigeria, the gov't talks but takes no action...im really sick and tired of it!!

Fragilelooks said...

Sadness. Dis is NIGERIA.

histreasure said...

so sorry abt the mail, twas in my spam i've gone over to the we are jos blog..i commend the good job and will support it all the way..

it's a terrible terrible thing that happened and the aftereffect is even worse.