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Saturday, December 26, 2009

FINE BOY (prt2)!!!

I promised to continue, this my 'beef'gist later abi?Why do I hate 'fine boy'?hmmm..Here.
 When he moved in to my 'happening' neighbourhod, after my first predictable 'forming', we started exchanging pleasantries,Ask how each other's day went and all..From there, we entered gist of our likes and dislikes, you know, friendly neighbour talk..
One day, while at work, he sent me a text saying we should get together that evening.. That he'd come and pick me up from my place of work.. Ha.. well in my  mind, It was free dinner and any other 'osho' free buying involved,If you must know, I love 'awuf' pass myself oh.. Okay back to my gist..
    He picked me up and in the middle of our dinner,(I wasn't really interested in what he had to say, I actually thought he just needed a friendly face, and what better face than that of a neighbour.?)  The guy now told me..
    '' I've been waiting for you to tell me that which you've been trying to tell me all this while...''
I'm like ??????  'what's this guy saying?'   I had no clue as to what he really meant.. Well, trust me now, I asked him to spare me let me finish my food,I was that free with him, He now said ......."Oh please admit it, you've got the hots for me" I just opened my mouth and stared at him... I looked for the next decent nice thing to say to make up for that awkward moment,and then, He now messed it up by saying.....
       " I gave you your shot and your're not taking it, what's with the attitude?you want something, say you do and stop hiding behind your timid walls."
  Come see fire!Fellas, I sparked oh...I dressed him down...I can still remember almost word for word what I said to him.. I asked him who the hell did he think he was?Talking to me like I was one dope skull looking for a fix from him?Imagine?!The cheek of it all!Told him to blaze faster in Hell where he belonged..
Anyway, throughout my 'raking' he just sat there feeling like one king.. and that annoyed and irritated me, Knowing that my ranting will make it sound like, it was actually true.. so I tried to calm myself down and told him to take me home...
Fine boy did.... but when we got home, you know what he told me?...'you'd come back but I  won't be there'
Hissssssss!The next day, I saw him and didn't say hi, he didn't too..and we've have been that way ever since.. I don't give two hoots about him, but these days, he's begining to get in my face..
What really pissed me off was his chauvinistic view that I'd have the hots for him.. and when he said that he did, with all the arrogance and assumption.. Anyway sha, I jump and pass that kain guy abeg!  Next gist abeg..
 peace  I'm out.



i hate blogs said...

yaaawwwnnnnnnnnnn, u like the dude,u hate his guts cos him no send u.....and yeah keep giving me that look, u go tire, cos his game is still on point.....

i hate blogs said...

yaaawwwnnnnnnnnnn, u like the dude,u hate his guts cos him no send u.....and yeah keep giving me that look, u go tire, cos his game is still on point.....

2cute4u said...

@ i hate blogs..lol..... childish..wats your point?I talk am as e be.. wats your take?

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