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Saturday, December 19, 2009

THE GAME(prt 2)

Last time, I went ahead to narrate rules of a farmilair game.. Heres the conclusion;
        I just kept hoping that one day, surely even he would see that I loved him and he would man up and say "cutey, I love you to bits!!!"In between, we'd have our disagreements drift for a while but we always got back and we got closer.Time was when I used to listen to 3T's song"I will do anything for you"and scuff at it like....
"Oh please....gimme a break!Anything indeed!"It got to a point where I could do anything for him and yeah in most ways than not,I did and you know what?I never did care.Show me a crazy person and I'd show you a woman in love!
             Three years rolled by and this 'thingy' continued although our friends thought we werent togther anymore.I came down from my workstation to see him,spend 'time' with him.One of those days,' Went shopping with my girl and in between,(you know chics and how we love to gist...)she told me that he had started seeing someone- a yankee chic. I just keep face like say wetin she talk no concern me-Why  I did that?'cause she for kill me if to say i still dey in an undefined 'thing'.Anyway,i shoved the thought out of my mind cause,I didnt just believe it.I just felt it was one of 'those' things poeple say.. you know?, to spice up things.
    I confronted him and he accused me of jumping to conclusions without hearing from him and since I had erred in that aspect before and it took a lot of apologies to get us back, i swiftly apologised and we agreed to see each other the next day...Hmmm... When i saw him at a shopping plaza, normal him with his P.D.A(public display of affection)he came, swung me up,embraced and kissed me.I always loved when he did that;It was like I was the most special woman and he was saying"Hey, this is my woman and i'm laying my claim on her" (But all that one na just story!all that is just for show, just to deceive).I didnt let myself get carried away on that day nor did I lose focus, i just felt we had played this game long enoughand this was it.. The hour of truth..I dragged him to our table oh and eyeball to eyeball I asked him, you know what he said?'yes, but i can explain"
      People, I died and woke up!, and then, He started yarning crap.Maybe 'cause he spoke about his feelings for me for the first time or just cause,I desperately wanted to believe him,I just dont know.He told me he loved me,that it happened one of those periods when we drifted apart and he was angry at me then and wanted to forget me, bla bla bla.See me see my life! I was broken,so crushed was I that I became stupid enough to ask him to choose me!Imagine?I just lost my  self -respect,Anyway,I stupidly spent time with him , we had sex which was the worst we had ever had.I'm sure we did it thinking it would make things better, give us that sense of normalcy.He said he hadnt slept with her,(Stories that touch!, like i care)That wasnt important to me.The most important thing was he had betrayed me,my trust and I didnt know how to get past that.To make matters worse,the 'yankee'chic called and he left and went to see her after explaining to me that ,in his words.. "She's supposed to be my girlfriend,she's ill and needs me,I have to go see her"
   I think that was when i started to hate him.Things after that were never the same,no matter how much He tried or how we tried to hold on,Things got worse and we specialised in hurting each other.I was heartbroken. .. Well, finally, He chose her and then I had to get through the process of not calling him,not taking his calls.But hey, I'm here aint I?I got through it and thats what's important.I'm a better person.The rules of the game is not to get emotionally attached that way, you stay on top of your game....i'm out!