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Saturday, December 26, 2009


24th of December, I woke up to the realisation that I had been neck deep buried in work,life,stress and that I had begun to forget what it was to smile or even just plain, relax.I had become boring,dull,predictable.I even forgot Christmas!
 I haven't been paid for a coupleof months.I consoled myself that I would have my arrears of salary and my december pay.I looked forward too it,I had bills to settle so financially, I was out.I just dreamed about payday.
Then came payday-My bss in all his manipulative/devious splendor gave us the shocker announcement...
No salary, that the recession is so bad, He can barely pay...'don't worry, next year will be better'
     We all stood watching him while he maintained this unreadable facade on his face.If I could beat him up, I would have and gladly at that.Why... I had caught real good cases,jobs that had yielded really good pay.These days people just use this recession issue as an excuse.It's become an anthem!Still, I  had to leave the office on the 24th of December at 7pm,Imagine that....!
The good news guys is that I was able to meet up.I didn't do the shopping,A loved one helped me out and she did it well.So, I spread the love around.I did the best I could, given the circumstance.Now, what I meant by 'given the circumstance', I mean with my savings, I made people around me smile, irrespective of the fact that I had planned for more.
 Here's wishin y'all the merriest (If there's a word ) of the holiday,I'd see you on the other side.Muahhh!