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Monday, December 21, 2009


I work Monday through Saturday.I barely have time for myself, for you and the world;Yes because you all need me.Now i'm not trying to sound patronising,No, I'm not full of myself; It's just a fact.
In my home, where I stay,(although lately,I've been told I'm a tenant and need to get my house or get married,arrrrgh!)The rule is that on Sunday if you do not get to go to church;you own the housework for the day and of course,the cooking...But this is not fair!How can I clean the whole house,everyone's room and still cook for all these gluttons(I'm not a glutton) and still have time for you?
    I am always a defaulter because I do not go to church.No... Do not even go there!Don't think I'm a bad person,It's just that how can I combine going to church,doing my laundry,manicure,pedicure,facials and also giving you the attention you deserve if I do not take Sundays off huh?Since yeah, I work 6 days out of  7days of the week?
    I tell you this, I am not bad.I don't smoke, drink, gamble, can't even remember the last time I had sex not to mention a kiss(not even stealing one)... I mean,that counts for something right?It has got to!Anyway, I don't need to start feeling guilty, but, I feel bad!
I am consoling myself with this:
A sister to a convicted criminal during the investigation of the crime her brother committed, while vouching for him said   "He's a good man!He never misses church every Sunday"...
     Well, finally,the police gathered hard evidence against him, He confessed,to raping and killing 16 women.
I am definitely better oh.. (not trying to soung like the Pharisee)But praise me small na....Then maybe, I just might squeeze out time to go to church.
im out.