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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've always prided myself as being emtionally detached,cold even.'never liked the mushy feelin love or emotional attachment ives.. To me, it was always messy,always could never stop bein complicated.Otherwise, explain to me hw somethin so clear cut could turn messy?But then,it did.It did when i allwed myself to care, to feel, believe.
    I met him when i was still in the university, my final year;i was looking for someone to 'warm' my phone.Mutual friends hooked us up;Right from when we started our phne talk,it was perfect,too perfect even.,waslike i had known him all my life...Him to.Then we met... It was so real, my dream guy,i dumped the one i was seeing for him, he was worth it...and i dived headlon into this 'thingy'.
    Each day we got closr and yet we didnt define whait was we were doing.In my own naivity,i didnt think there was need to ask if we were dating,questions like "what are we doing","what ami to you"and all that did not come up.... I stupidly assumed and well,why wouldn't I?I mean,we wereon the phone,all day,we texted, chatted and spoke.Hewas carin and attentive.Hemade me laugh,no dull moment..
                   I seem to be missing the sex part,It was explosive;got better each day or time we spent together.I learnt to trust..He was perfect to me.He just could not lie or cheat.One thing I counted on was whatever it was, come out in the open and say it.Even if it evoked anger and whatever else is there,the better.I started to believe, that love was enough and at that time, it was.finally, i had fallen in love with him.I didnt mind that i kept tellin him that and he never told me not even for a day.
           TO BE CONTINUED............................


Anonymous said...

so typical,yet everyone goes through this one time or the other,what matters is how you handle it.cant wait 4 d end.